Amie Glazier

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Co-Owner & Director of Sales

Originally from Denver, Amie enjoyed a break from cold winters while stationed in various southern locales with her husband, who is a pilot in the Navy. They currently live outside Seattle, and she is now learning to love the rain. Amie and her husband have four small children who eat dinosaur chicken nuggets like they’re going extinct and love all things aviation. After graduating with her B.A. in English, Amie worked in various fields with each military move, but never stopped writing. She has been a contributor for The Military Mom Collective since it was founded and finds joy in helping other moms connect in community. When she’s not writing or herding her adorable brood, you can find Amie working out at the local cross fit gym, binge-watching Hallmark movies, and actually enjoying chemistry while home-brewing with her husband.


Rachel Carpenter

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Co-Owner & Managing Editor

Rachel is originally from Davenport, Iowa. She met her husband there as a teenager, but his military career has taken them to four states and two countries in the last 17 years. They currently call Hawaii home and are moving to the mainland in early 2021. She is a mother to three girls and one boy, all of whom keep her on her toes and learning more about motherhood every day. Rachel holds a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Management, and she has worked in many different career fields with each move, but writing has always been her true calling. She has been a contributor to The Military Mom Collective since its inception and also manages its online book club. Her hobbies include drinking way too much coffee, reading as many books as possible, timidly hiking on Oahu, singing in the car with her kids, and binge-watching documentaries.