St. Patrick's Day Crafts image with leprechaun and rainbow with a pot of goldSt. Patrick’s Day Crafts are some of the most pinned crafts you can find on Pinterest.

With parents grasping for ideas while we continue to try and stay home, here are a few you may not have considered. 

As an English person, I always find it quite interesting that out of all the countries in the United Kingdom and all their “days,” Ireland’s St. Patrick’s Day seems to be the one most celebrated. It is baffling considering England has St. George’s Day; Scotland has St. Andrew’s Day; Wales St. has David’s Day. They are all noted, but St. Patrick’s Day always appears to stand as the most fun. Perhaps it has something to do with the world renowned Irish pubs one can find in nearly any country! At university, St. Patrick’s Day was very well celebrated with many a fancy-dress party (costume party to anyone out of the UK) held in many pubs or house parties.

The celebrations don’t stop at alcohol consumption but spill into child orientated activities. With that in mind, I’m sharing share six easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for your kids. 

Skittle Rainbow STEM experiment 

skittles on a plate with water to make a rainbow

If you want something simple, cheap, and quick with maximum effect with your children, then this is one to do! All you need is a bag of Skittles (get a big one for maximum snackage!), a white plate, and some warm water. It really is that simple. Place your Skittles in a circle around the edge of the plate. Maybe think about how you would like the colours to be – all colours together or alternating? 

In the middle of your circle, very gently pour your warm water into it. You need the water to cover at least half of the depth of each of the Skittles. Now just wait and watch as the colours on the Skittles detach themselves from the sweet and float into the middle. It is a little bit like magic happening before your eyes! If you have done it right, then the dye from the Skittles should move all the way to the middle of the circle and meet in the middle.

Surprise Kitchen Towel Rainbows

Another crazy simple and fun rainbow activity – this video will make you want to do this ASAP! You need three pieces of kitchen towel, felt tip pens, and a sink with a little layer of warm water in it. Simply draw either a rainbow or something St. Patrick’s Day related on one of the layers of kitchen roll. When you are happy with it, place the other two pieces of kitchen roll on top of the drawing so that it hides it. The person you are showing it to won’t be able to see what your secret surprise drawing is underneath. Gather at the sink and slowly drop the kitchen roll flat on to the layer of warm what and hear the squeals as your picture underneath is revealed as the water soaks it. So much fun! 

Paper Plate Leprechaun Props

child with homemade leprechaun mask for St. Patrick's Day

This one is really good fun if your children like dressing up in costumes and doing a lot of imaginative play. Simply grab some paper plates and black, green, and orange paper as well as some gold glitter glue/gold pen, scissors and glue. Cut out the centre of the plate and then get to making a leprechaun’s hat, hair, and beard! A guaranteed activity to make you all giggle. Who is off to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?! 



Leprechaun Finders 

child looking through homemade binoculars

So you already have a dressed-up leprechaun loose in the house somewhere. Now you require some assistance from Leprechaun Finders to stop them getting into mischief! And obviously, one must use them to find the pot of gold those leprechauns are rudely hiding all to themselves! Grab a couple of empty loo rolls, an elastic band to hold them together, and decorate your binoculars in green, gold, and yellow. You’ll be spying them in no time and will have a hide-and-seek game on your hands before long. 



Mess-Free Ziplock Shamrock Painting

toddler hand doing finger painting through a plastic bag

This is a great one if you hate mess and have toddlers or preschoolers. Grab a plastic sleeve or ziplock bag, draw a big shamrock on one side, and squirt some paint inside. Make sure to close the top and tape it all down to a table or baking tray. Demonstrate to your child what to do, and then just let them do some mess free painting! 




Rainbow Biscuits

child eating a rainbow biscuit If you are going to have a St. Patrick’s Day Crafts day with your kids, then you will need something to eat, right? These ones are a little time-consuming but are so much fun when they come out. They are definitely worth the effort.

Use your favourite sugar biscuit recipe and pick four or five gel food colourings. Split your dough up into however many colours you are using and knead your colours in to each of the dough circles. To make the rainbows, simply roll bits of the dough into long worm shapes and place side by side. Curve them into a rainbow shape and then run a rolling pin over them to flatten them. Then cook! 

I hope these fun St. Patrick’s Day Crafts will give you ideas of some easy, lighthearted fun you can have with your kids to celebrate the day. However and wherever you celebrate, make sure to throw some fun (and rainbows) into your day!

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