Friday Favorites -Aishah’s Newborn Stage Favorites

baby feet wrapped in sweater


baby feet wrapped in sweater

Welcome to our newest series. In “Friday Favorites,” our team will share a handful of favorite items. These can range from clothes to beauty products to recipes to books and anything in between.

I gave birth in March to my third baby and have officially survived that rough newborn stage – all while my husband is deployed

After having three babies, I can somewhat say I am an expert in certain products out there. While there’s a vast array of products that moms love, I have compiled a list that makes my life a bit easier. With the right products to help her, any new mama can survive that first month and ease into motherhood, whether you’re a first-time mom or a mom of multiple children. Here are some of the products I loved during that first month after having each of my babies!

Baby K'Tan

baby wrap

Baby K’Tan

Babywearing has been around for centuries and across many cultures. It allows a new mom to get daily tasks done around the house. When I had my first son, I was not aware of babywearing during his newborn stage and spent countless hours sitting around with an attached newborn. Once I had my second and third babies, I wore my babies everywhere to get things done around the house; it made life much easier and enjoyable.

There are various products out there for baby wearing but I love the Baby K’Tan. It is a baby wrap that is essentially put together for you – all you must do is put it on and put your little one inside. I have used the Baby K’Tan for family outings, grocery shopping, cooking and so much more. It’s definitely a great investment for new moms.

Breast Pump & Haakaa Manual Pump 

Breast pumps are another great new mom product! As a military spouse, we can shop for a great breast pump at no cost for us through Tricare. I love using the Medela breast pump; it is easy to use and well loved by many moms. But another product I have recently discovered is the Haakaa silicone portable breast pump.

The Haakaa breast pump has helped me after my third pregnancy to catch let-down, so I can store it for future use. It is convenient to take along with you, whether you are going to work or out and about. 

Haakaa breast pump

haakaa breast pump

Nose Frida

nose frida for babies

Nose Frida

All parents know how miserable it is to be up all night with a little one that cannot sleep, eat, or breath well because of a stuffy nose. It’s awful for babies and parents alike. Enter the Nose Frida.

The Nose Frida is one of the best purchases or gifts a parent can receive. I have used this product with all of my children, especially my third baby. She was born very fast, with a lot of mucus remaining in her sinus cavity even after going home from the hospital, I had to continue to get all of that mucus out! The Nose Frida has definitely helped more so than a traditional syringe bulb.

Evivo Baby Probiotics

Some babies are born with reflux, food allergies or gas troubles. Whether a mother chooses to breastfeed or use formula, it can happen to any baby. All three of mine were allergic to dairy and my second son also had reflux, making our feeding and sleeping journey difficult at times. I did my own research and found that probiotics can help a little one’s tummy settle down if they suffered from these issues.

While there are several probiotics on the market today for infants, one that I like is Evivo. It is on the pricier side, but I saw a difference in my baby within a few days. She was calmer and slept better. It’s very easy to use – one pouch of probiotic powder is mixed with 3-5ml of breastmilk in a small bowl and fed using a syringe. If you have a newborn who is fussy due to gas, reflux, or allergies I highly recommend it. Talk to your pediatrician and see if this might work for you!

Evivo probiotics

evivo infant probiotics

Memeeno Belly Band

memeeno belly band

Memeeno Belly Band

I was introduced to baby belly bands by my middle- eastern grandma when I had my first son. It is a cultural idea that it is important to wrap a band or folded blanket around your baby’s belly to help the little one sleep better, to get rid of gas, and to help digestion. With all three of my babies having all of the above, this method had helped ease their little pains and allowed them to sleep better.

A product that has the same idea is the Memeeno Belly Band. These use fleece to keep a baby belly warm and Velcro so it’s doesn’t slip off like typical blankets. I found this product to be immensely helpful, and they have lots of great prints to choose from.

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