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It’s spring sports season again. Where I live, that means we begin in April with snow hats and puffer jackets, rocking ourselves as the wind whips and the setting sun cools us to a frigid 39 degrees. But, we end the season swatting bugs and getting sunburned.

Here are a few suggestions for gear to get you through this season and beyond.

Some are definitely worth the splurge if you have multiple athletes or play multiple seasons. A few of the items I have, and a few I’ve recently coveted at my kiddos’ games.

What’s your go-to gear for cheering on your sports enthusiasts?

Camping Chair with a Canopy

We purchased these chairs last fall, and they’re awesome. I can safely sit in the shade while my toddler naps and still catch all 2+ hours of my boys’ baseball games. So necessary and comfortable that we purchased two!

Pop Up Weather Pod

Really up your game and get a weather pod. Definitely pricey, but I saw a couple in these at one game where the wind was brutal and was so jealous! Shield yourself from the wind, rain, sun, hail (yes, that happened to me) in this sanctuary, and be the ultimate envy of all the other parents.

Handheld fan

When the weather heats up, a personal fan is a must. Get one that mists, too and you’re set for any hot day game coming your way. Pro tip: get this one that can attach onto your new amazing chair or your kiddo’s stroller for hands-free comfort!

Sun and Bug Protection

Sunscreen sticks, SPF lip balms, scalp spray, and hats! All are non-negotiable in my house with three fair-haired babes and one mama who gets a nice lobster glow before her tan every season.

Whatever you choose, remember to get SPF 30+ and check for UPF in your clothing for extra protection. For those pesky mosquitoes and bugs, I definitely recommend this OFF! spray that’s gentle enough for babies but effective, too. You can also opt for the bracelets if you prefer not to spray anything on your skin or clothes.

Pop-up Canopy Tent

If you’re destined to be outside for hours upon hours (I’m looking at you, swim meets) or have littles who prefer crawling on blankets rather than sitting in arm chairs, I’d definitely invest in a canopy. Plus, if your family enjoys tailgates or camping, this is worth the investment.


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