5 Ways to Show Your Teacher Appreciation This Year

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The end of a very long, often chaotic, and definitely unprecedented school year is here.

You can honor your favorite teachers in many ways. It may seem more challenging this year, especially if your student has just met their teacher in person for the first time only recently. 

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As a former teacher, though, I can tell you there are some gifts that are always winners. Much like Mother’s Day, teacher appreciation gifts don’t need to be over-the-top. Just make them thoughtful and from the heart.

Here are a few suggestions to celebrate the educators in your life:

Thank you notes

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If your child is attending school in-person, have them write a handwritten thank you note or card and bring it to class. My second grader is learning cursive this year, and I thought, what better way to showcase all he’s learned and express his gratitude to his teachers. If your child is learning virtually, have them send the teacher an email or if they’re younger, you can always record a video message. Bonus points if you send a thank you note, too. Double bonus points if you want to send the Assistant Principal or Principal a note praising your child’s teacher. 

Gift cards

These are my go-to teacher gift. This Christmas, one of my child’s classes got together and gave both the teacher and the assistant teacher a very generous gift card to Target. If you want to make a large gift possible, don’t be afraid to ask other parents if they would like to contribute. More than likely, they would love to make a donation. Some of my other favorite places are Amazon, Dunkin Donuts, and Starbucks. Gift cards are also a great choice with the option of sending many electronically. 

Note: From personal experience, I would also suggest gift cards to restaurants if you know your teacher is PCS’ing over the summer. We have also given gift cards to Teachers Pay Teachers in the past which is what my oldest’s child’s Kindergarten teacher requested one year. 


Everyone knows how much teachers spend on their own classroom supplies. We also know that most of those supplies that your kiddo brought at the start of the year are depleted by winter break. Even if you just send in Clorox wipes, you are saving that teacher time and money. Some supplies you may also want to gift include: permanent or dry erase markers, colored pens for grading, sidewalk chalk for outdoor class activities, and sticky notes. 

Personalized gift

customized tumblers as a personalized giftMaybe you know your child’s teacher loves his/her coffee in the morning. Why not hit up your favorite Etsy shop and order them a personalized mug or tumbler? You can also get personalized supplies from notepads to special grading stamps. I really like these gifts because they are useful and thoughtful. 

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Something they wouldn’t buy for themselves

Who couldn’t use a coffee mug warmer for their desk that has over 5,000 positive reviews on Amazon? A cute lanyard to showcase their work ID is also a thoughtful gift that your favorite teacher is not likely to buy themselves, but would love. 

As with all gift giving, it’s the thought that counts.

Just knowing that you appreciate your child’s teacher goes a long way in making their day. Whether you take the time to send a note or have your child help select a small token of their appreciation, gratitude from the heart is the best gift.