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My 7th grader struggles with math. Sound familiar?

It isn’t her strongest subject. She studies and does her best to understand the concepts and formulas, but it is a challenge. She is a military child who moved in the middle of the last school year and during COVID distance learning, so she definitely needs the support. Finally, she is also a preteen who doesn’t want to listen to my help and thinks she knows better than I do.

So what is a parent to do to support their child?

I looked for tutoring but had trouble finding the right price and accessibility. I wanted to make sure it was the right fit for my daughter, someone who could instruct her while also offering a relaxed, no-pressure environment. With restrictions still in place on in-person events, I wanted to find something easy and attainable from home.

We tried GoPeer, and I’m so thankful we did!

GoPeer is an online, one-on-one program that is available anywhere and on any device. It is a resource that allows families to connect with qualified college undergraduates who are available to tutor students. This was a big draw for us because a student was much more relatable to my child! And I loved the thought of helping a college student earn a living while also supporting my daughter.

According to their website, GoPeer integrates technology with a near­-peer education model to provide jobs to college students, logistical help to parents, and academic mentorship to students.

How did we find the right tutor? Go Peer made it effortless.

Upon navigating to their website, answering only a few questions, and registering, their platform works its magic and pairs your student with a tutor that works with your schedule and within the requested subject area. You can have a tutor ready to start in under an hour!

My daughter and I appreciated this approach and their free 15-minute intro session. I had several tutors reach out via messages in the GoPeer Dashboard. We scheduled a couple sessions to meet with the tutor, talk about our expectations and desires from tutoring, and to see if it would be a good fit. My daughter chose Claire S. after connecting with her and learning more about her during this intro session, and she has really enjoyed working with her!

As a parent, I am impressed with how easy it is to use GoPeer.

With just a few clicks, I was registered within their platform. I could search for tutors in over 150 subjects; with 4 school-aged children, I was searching for everything from elementary reading to fourth year German, and they had it all!

Sessions are only $10 per 30 minute and $20 per hour and paid for with preloaded funds into your secure dashboard. This is such a steal when the national average ranges from $25-80 per hour! You also pay a monthly fee of $48 for GoPeer’s amazing service and platform; pay annually and save even more!

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After just a few sessions with her tutor, my daughter is already improving her cognition and confidence in math. She loves her tutor and GoPeer!

The last few years have been difficult for all students, and my children have tried their best to stay on track while balancing virtual and in-school learning, moving from Hawaii to Washington, and staying healthy. It is difficult for kids to ask for help and even more difficult for parents to find it. I’m so thankful that we found GoPeer to help my daughter (and soon, my other children!).

Let GoPeer help you support your children from anywhere while saving you money!

Get a FREE 7-day trial and a $20 credit! Click the button and use the code citymom20 to get started today!