Friday Favorites – Lauren’s Fun Back to School Snacks

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Whether your kiddos have been back to school for weeks or maybe just days, they’re probably already begging you for snacks.

If your brood is anything like mine, the all important snack between lunch and dinner has to sustain them through homework, practices, and playing outside. Here are few options to try while your BTS motivation is high and their nagging for nourishment hasn’t yet driven you crazy.

Whatever you choose to fill their bellies the next time hunger strikes, remember that sitting down to an after school snack is a great opportunity to hear about your child’s day. Plus, it affords you a few extra minutes before “hanger” strikes at dinnertime! 

Tortilla Roll Ups

These are a great option for the lunchbox or an after school snack. Mix and match their favorite spreads, proteins, fruits, and veggies for a compact pick me up. This is a great opportunity for your picky eaters to choose their favorite flavor combinations or try new ones. 

Apple “Cookies”

When the day calls for a sweet treat, slice up some apples and create these no bake goodies. Top with Sunbutter or your nut butter of choice, cream cheese, or even hummus followed by dried fruits, nuts, chocolate chips, or coconut flakes. Even though it’s a “cookie,” you can feel a bit better knowing that it starts with fruit. 

Animal Face Toast

My sons’ school is nut free, so when they get home, giving them peanut butter or almond butter is a great choice for some healthy fat and protein to fill them up. Add a slice of wheat bread, some apples, bananas, or pears along with dried fruits or fresh berries, and you have a fun and filling treat. You could also try Nutella, or if you have a nut allergy, cream cheese is a wonderful substitution. 

Homemade Snack Mix 

My middle son loves to ask me for a “snack mix” when he comes home. This is code for me throwing every type of snack we have into a bowl for him. We usually include pretzels, cheese crackers, raisins or dried cranberries, whatever nuts are open, and a special treat like M&M’s or tiny marshmallows. If your family is anything like mine, there are already about ten different bags open in your pantry which means lots of choices! It’s also a snack that even your youngest can make themselves. 


I’m not talking raw fish here, although I know some kids who adore the real deal. Rather, try faux sushi made with bananas or cucumbers. We always have both on hand, so these are a great alternative to just grabbing a piece of fruit or slicing up cuc’s to dip in ranch dressing. Check out the video so you can create your own cucumber “sushi” using lunchmeat, cheese, and carrots. Or if your babes prefer sweet over savory, this recipe is a great start for banana “sushi” inspiration.