What do you like to do for fun? When I am finished with my homework, I like to do things like draw, practice soccer skills, and make things out of what my mom calls “trash.”

Do you know what all of these things have in common? I can do them while doing one of my other favorite things – listening to a podcast!

Do you like podcasts? They are my favorite. Did you know that you can find a podcast about almost anything? My parents listen to a million different ones about everything from politics to sports to crime to boring TV shows that I haven’t seen.

I could give you a list of ones to avoid if you are a kid but that isn’t helpful. Instead, here are my favorite podcasts for kids:

Rebel Girls hosted a virtual rally for International Day of the Girl on October 11. It was so cool!

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 

This show is based on the book series, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, and each episode talks about the life of an amazing woman in history. Some women lived a long time ago and others are still alive. I like this podcast because it is inspiring and makes me want to go out and try things. It isn’t just for girls either. My little brothers like this one too. Start with the episode on Julia Child.

WOW in the World 

Hosts Mindy and Guy Raz describe the wonders of the world in the coolest way possible. This NPR podcast explores science and technology with a cast of characters who keep you engaged and entertained. I love this podcast because it sometimes gives you at-home experiments, and it is SO funny. My favorite character is Thomas Fingerling. Check out this episode on cheese and music.

Stuff You Missed in History Class 

I’m only in fourth grade so I really haven’t missed THAT much in history class, but this podcast tells stories that are not well known. There are so many cool, strange, and mind-blowing stories of the past. Start with the episode on the Flying Ambulance.

Brains On! 

This podcast is produced by American Public Media and is for kids and families. The cool thing about this show is that there is a different kid co-host every week. Brains On! is all about getting you to think about science and history. This one might be more for older kids, but you should still give it a try. My brothers are little and I am not sure how much they really get from this one, but they still like to listen. They like this episode on farts but I prefer this one on cats.


girl drawing and listening to podcast
Catching up on my U.S. Government history with Electoral Elementary.

Electoral Elementary 

This one is only six episodes long but is just in time for the election in November. It teaches US civics with a story about a 10-year old (like me!) who is trying to fix a problem at her school by running for student body president. I like this podcast because you learn about politics through songs and a story. Plus, I lived in England for the last three years so I am trying to catch up on the U.S. government.

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids 

This podcast covers a lot of topics, and there is a good reason why. Each episode features a question from a kid! How fun is that? The hosts explain the answer in a fun and interesting way. Really, there is something for everyone there. Episodes range from serious to fun to just silly.

Stories Podcast 

All of the podcasts so far are based on real-life, but this one is actual bedtime stories. Sometimes the episodes are things I have heard before like a fairy tale or a classic story; sometimes they are a totally new story. My mom likes to put this on in the car when we are driving later at night. Try The Giant’s Daughter.

Mars Patel 

Okay, I will tell you the truth. I haven’t listened to this one yet. I do have a couple of friends who love it though so it is on my list. This podcast is a mystery performed by kids and is described as “Goonies meets Spy Kids meets Stranger Things for 8-12-year-olds.” Let me know if you try it!

Wild Thing 

Who wants to hear about wild ideas? The first season of this show is about Bigfoot, and the second is about aliens. I haven’t decided if these are crazy ideas or not. But it is fun to listen to the theories and learn about why people are interested in things like this. I can give you a favorite episode but each season tells a story, so start with episode 1.  

Do you have a favorite podcast? Let me know because I would love to listen. Click here for more great podcasts for kids.

girl with soccer ball balanced on headSadie is a fourth-grader living in Mississippi and is proud to be part of an Air Force family. Like many military kids, she has lived all over the world including Italy, Texas, and England. Sadie loves to read, play soccer, swim, and be creative. Her mom, founder + contributor Christy, helped her organize this, but these are all her favorites – so enjoy! 

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Christy is the co-founder of Military Moms Blog. Originally from St. Louis, Christy moved to San Antonio, Texas, for college. She ended up meeting her Air Force husband there and has been on the move ever since. She has mostly lived in the Central Time Zone but also in Italy and England, and she currently calls the Mississippi Gulf Coast home. Christy has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, specializing in pediatrics, and although she teaches as an adjunct professor, most of her mad behavioral skills are used on her three small children. Christy loves to be active and spends her time running, swimming, and playing with her kids. She is an amateur DIY’er and will attempt any and all projects. She likes to stay up late and get up early, so you may find her running before the sun comes up, Internet shopping at midnight, and enjoying iced coffee in between!