You Changed My Life

These were the last words that we ever expected to hear…

“I’m sorry, but your son has Down Syndrome. I know there is a lot to fear.”


“Do you see him?” she whispered to her husband, grabbing his hand.

Her voice wavered, and he held her steady as they scanned the boat for a place to stand.


I stared at my husband, sadness written all over his face,

And as the words sank in, my emotions spiraled into the darkest place.


“Look how happy and carefree they all seem to be.”

She looked on as he enjoyed the whale watching tour out at sea.

family sitting by the ocean, one child handicapped and one with down syndromeOur lives will never be the same, I thought in disbelief.

It was the most soul-crushing grief.


Ma’am….ma’am” she yelled, running up to me, tears streaming down her face.

“I don’t mean to sound crazy, but I’ve been watching you while trying to give you space.”


Society will never see him or me.

Quite simply, it was how it was going to be.


“The reason I’m on vacation is because the medical demands are so trying.

My son is just like yours, and I’ve watched him all day, crying.”


As the years went on, his personality started to shine.

It didn’t matter how bad things were because to him, it was always fine.


“In case you ever wanted to know your reason for being here,

It is because today you were my angel, wiping away my fear.”


Luke is a vivacious young boy who lights up every room he walks into,

 and every experience is exciting and new.


“Your family is beautiful, and it was exactly what I needed to see.

Luke is living his best life – exactly as my son should be.”

hands making a heart against a setting sun
Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

I pulled her close, and neither of us tried to stop the tears.

For once, it was filled happiness rather than stress and fears.


“You changed my life by being here today.”

You changed my life by seeing us today.


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