My kids are still out of school, the sun is still shining, and we are not quite back to school. We have officially completed our PCS move and are (dare I say it) somewhat settling in. 

But what happens now? 

I have five-year-old twins that will be starting kindergarten in the fall, and I am going through all of the emotions (but I will save that for another day). I work full time remotely, and I am not that mom that had a set schedule for every day of summer (although I wish deep down in my bones that I was).

children huddled togetherSo here we are: trying to stay entertained, still learning, getting work done, and everything in between. I do know that if I enforce a strict schedule on my children, they will want to do the exact opposite (please tell me I am not the only one). So my best tactic is to make them think they had a say in everything we do and that there is a benefit in it for them.

Here are a few things I am trying to stave off the boredom of this in-between time:

  • Coloring can be fun: My daughter loves to color, draw, all the things; my son does not. How do I get them to both love it and still achieve the day’s bridge work? I have found that if one is coloring a page, the other wants to color that exact same style of page. So I make it a race. Whoever finishes first gets to choose a new pencil or sticker or small trinket. I am all about celebrating small victories, and this is just enough motivation to keep them entertained and busy. 
  • Utilize the great weather for outdoor fun: It’s still nice outside, and there are tons of benefits to being outdoors. Whether it’s bike riding, scooter fun, or hanging by the pool, it all counts! I want to make sure we take full advantage of the summertime weather while avoiding boredom indoors. My tip: I set an alarm on my phone every day for one hour to remind us to go outside and reset. I find when we don’t do this and are stuck inside all day, it drains us all. This article has some more tips for getting your kids outside!
  • Visit a park: Be it a neighborhood or city park, it’s an easy way for the kids to entertain themselves. You are still watching them but can get a small breather while they play. PLUS by the time they’re done, they will have worn themselves out and be ready for a nap.
  • Mandatory quiet time: This is not a punishment! Everyone, to include parents, needs quiet time to reset and rest. Try to keep it short with smaller children, who may not be able to withstand a longer period of time. Set a timer and have everyone rest in their rooms or in a quiet place. They can read to themselves (if able) or simply stay in that room for the allotted time. It will give all of you that small break you need.

There you have it: a few ways to keep yourselves busy, avoid boredom, and take stock before school starts back up. It is not a comprehensive list, so I would love to hear your suggestions as well!