Alicia is a mom of two girls and married to her National Guard-turned-Active Duty husband for 14 years. Alicia has left part of her heart in the hills of Kentucky, the Piney Woods of East Texas, every taco in San Antonio area and now resides in the interior of Alaska at Fort Wainwright. She spends her time learning watercolor painting, reading too many books, trying new foods, and trying to stay warm in Alaska.
native american headdress in the glare of the sun with "Adding Appreciation of Native American People and Culture to Your Thanksgiving" in text and MMC logo

Adding Appreciation of Native American People and Culture to Your Thanksgiving

I love pie and turkey but want to learn a more accurate history of Native America people and the Thanksgiving holiday. The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian states:  "We encourage you to celebrate...
book of poetry open with dark pink roses laying on top

Rediscovering My Forgotten Love of Poetry

In 2020 my brain was overstressed. I didn’t feel like I had a lot of personal growth because I was spending my time feeling anxious, wiping off groceries, and doom scrolling more than I...
A lit orange tea light candle surrounded by fall leavess and

Tested and Approved: 5 Pumpkin Candles to Love This Fall

It is fall, and I love it. It’s hard to give up an Alaskan summer, but as a prior Texas girl, one of the things I love about Alaska is the cool, crisp autumn....
teacher in front of a chalkboard with "Dear School Teacher: A Letter From A Mom Who Homeschooled Last Year" in text

Dear School Teacher: A Letter From A Mom Who Homeschooled Last Year

Dear Teacher, I’m a mix of emotions this new school year.  I'm thrilled that my daughter will attend public school in person again and be in your class. But I'm also a little concerned at...
group of friends around a dinner table

Remembering To Give Our Friends (and Ourselves) a Little Grace

I’ve turned into an introvert who can play extrovert as I’ve grown older. I don’t believe the pandemic has helped me socially, as we’ve been quite cautious and done very, very little with friends...

Spring Cleaning: 3 Places to Donate, Buy or Sell

As a military family, it feels like we’re always coming or going. My house and closet seem to be in a perpetual state of sorting; organizing and tossing things before a move; selling or...
mother hugging 2 daughters on a chair in a field

Are We There Yet? Deciding When Your Family Is Complete

This is part of a series of perspectives from our contributors on a subject that no one quite has the answer to: when is your family complete? Come back later this month for another...
Best Friends laughing over coffee

Best Friends That Don’t Know I Exist

Sometimes it feels like I have best friends who don’t know I exist. I put in the time to see them, listen to the stories they tell, and send them messages to let them...
couple cooking in their kitchen

Beyond Netflix: Fresh Ideas for Date Night In

Dating your spouse can be hard as kids, work, and the military fills up your time.   They can/will be/are gone a lot, and it can be challenging to keep that connection. Whether you’re quarantining with...
holiday tidings and presents on wood table

Attainable December Resolutions

  One of my best friends sent me a TikToK where a woman shared her resolutions for 2020, made at the beginning of this wild year. By the end she was laughing out loud and...
child homeschooling with supplies

First Time Homeschooling: What’s Working and What’s Not

This post is about my family's choice to homeschool. I realize we are extremely fortunate that it is a choice and acknowledge that for many families it is not viable. Every family makes the...
wild outdoors of alaska

Five Things to Love About Living in Fairbanks, Alaska

So you're coming to Alaska! If you’ve recently moved or are moving to Fort Wainwright or Eielson Air Force Base, welcome to the Fairbanks North Star Borough! Interior Alaska is wild and can be...