Alicia grew up in Utah and met her husband at Utah State University, where the fun began. In the last 13 years, they have become a National Guard, Army Reserve and now Active Duty Army family. Alicia has left part of her heart in the hills of Kentucky, the piney woods of East Texas, every taco in San Antonio area and now resides in the interior of Alaska. She loves books, especially children’s books and has been collecting (hoarding) them long before she had children. Today, Alicia spends her time loving her two girls, trying new foods, volunteering in her community and trying to stay warm in Alaska.
wild outdoors of alaska

Five Things to Love About Living in Fairbanks, Alaska

So you're coming to Alaska! If you’ve recently moved or are moving to Fort Wainwright or Eielson Air Force Base, welcome to the Fairbanks North Star Borough! Interior Alaska is wild and can be...
woman covering her embarrassed face

Real Life + Embarrassing Military Moments!

We all have our embarrassing gaffes or mistakes; those stories that make us cringe. We let time pass and hope that the years will help us forget those moments. But when these things happen in...
mother and daughter

Advice for Moms: Preparing My Daughters for Puberty

The other day I was at the bookstore with my daughter. We happened upon The Care and Keeping of You from the American Girl Library. She picked it up and asked me what it was...
Army soldier saluting

Hooah! Happy Birthday Army!

Happy Birthday to the United States Army! 245 years old! Congrats!   It’s the time of COVID-19, so the big party you’re planning may have to wait. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate you! It...
computer and other technology to connect with others

No-Contact Ways to Connect With Friends Right Now

As military spouses, we are well-practiced in loving and supporting one another from a distance. We have connections in other states and other countries that we don't see often. But to me, this isolation due...
Let's Be Like Moira featured image

Let’s be like Moira – Lessons from an Unusual Mother

Can you learn anything about being a good mom from a woman who can't remember her daughter's middle name? Can you learn anything about being a friend from a woman who has lost all...
easter eggs on straw

Easter Ideas in the time of COVID-19

Times are wild, am I right? I've been wanting to try some new things for Easter but COVID-19 has been messing with all my plans.  There are a lot of things we can't do right now....

The Milestones I Am Happy to Leave Behind

Milestones are different for everyone. We watch and wait, sometimes cognizant of hitting them in our families with our children. Sometimes they surprise us. We find ourselves almost longing to go back to the time...
winter scene

10 Ways to Spark Joy this Winter

As military families, we're constantly on the move. You may be tired of your warm winter or waiting to get out of your cold winter. But winter is just that - a season. It passes...

There is Never Enough Time Before a Deployment

When we heard about his upcoming deployment, it seemed far away. We felt like we had time. We began planning. My most optimistic self hoped we could get all of the dirty work of pre-deployment...

5 Empowering Books with Strong Female Characters for Kids

Before I had children, I was buying books. As a preschool teacher, I took advantage of the book orders sent to my classroom and ordered way too many for a person without children, who...

Summer Sports: Lessons Learned from a Newbie Mom

This summer we thought we'd add to the madness and begin youth team sports. We picked track through our post's recreation office, and we're doing soccer through our city. Our thought was that track...