Alicia is a mom of two girls and married to her National Guard-turned-Active Duty husband for 15 years. Alicia has left part of her heart in the hills of Kentucky, the Piney Woods of East Texas, every taco truck in San Antonio, the Northern Lights of Fairbanks, Alaska, and now resides in Northern Virginia. She spends her time learning watercolor painting, reading too many books, trying new foods, riding the Peloton, and playing with her dog. She is also a new contributor for DC Area Moms.

Trying out Stitch Fix: Style and Surprise

The fact that I started using Stitch Fix when we lived in Alaska has always seemed a little funny to me. Alaska is not exactly known for style or high fashion. In fact, Anchorage...
kids bowling

10 Great Things About Bowling

When I worked at the School Age Program Summer Camp at Hill Air Force Base as a college student we took the kids bowling each week. For an hour and a half the kids...

5 Great Ways for Military Families to Save on Fun

Being a military family has its unique challenges and sacrifices, but also presents opportunities for finding hidden gems that can stretch your budget. From discounted travel options to exclusive campgrounds, your military family can...

Listen to Older Women

I’m particular about listening to podcasts. True crime is too scary for me, I don’t want to improve myself too much,  and I get overwhelmed by too many current events/news podcasts. I e njoy being...

10 Free or Cheap Ideas for a DIY Summer Camp Day

If summer camp isn’t in the budget, is hard to find, or you have a gap day here or there in your summer planning, here are 10 free or cheap ideas for a DIY...
Airport with Kids

Surviving the Airport with Kids

There she is- an overpacked lady speed walking through the airport with a jogging stroller,  a kid's backpack hooked onto the handle, the lady wearing an adult backpack, pulling a carry-on roller board with...

Ways I’m Taking Back My Birthday

No one has tried to take away my birthday, but I'm taking it back anyway. Birthdays seem to change as we get older and are often less fun. I loved my birthday as a...
moving, childhood home

Saying Goodbye to My Childhood Home

When I walked into my new room I could tell right away. It felt smaller, so I tried it out. I ran to tell my parents that yes, this room was smaller, because I...

What do I know? Everything and Nothing.

You know that moment after you buckle the kids in their car seats after you shut their doors, but before you open your own? That tiny 10-second walk around to the driver's side door?...

Your Big Sister is the Original Influencer

There are so many influencers and content creators out there that it’s difficult to say who is the original. But not really. Your big sister is the original influencer. And she didn't even need...

Are Fruitcakes Really Terrible?

Everyone jokes about how terrible fruitcakes are. I wanted to see if they were right. Fruitcake gets a bad rap and I wanted to see if it was true. I searched the internet for hip,...
Book Club

The 5 People You Meet at Book Club

I love to read and have found joining a Book Club can be a great way to make friends as I've moved around the country. While book people are some of the best people,...