Amy Kersey

Amy Kersey
Amy is a military mom blogger who likes pushing into the hard. Her most recent work was in partnership with We Are Fresh Kids, an independent food company re-imagining healthy snacks for kids. Though new to military life, she's always up for an adventure - even when it includes cockroaches (thank you San Antonio). Amy is passionate about giving hope through the power of words. She enjoys reading a good book while cozying up to a warm latte. She's transparent and authentic. You can follow her personal journey at fiercewindwildfire.com.
woman sitting with MacBook in dark on bed

Tethered- A Life Distracted by Technology

Do you remember the tetherball? Tetherball was a game where two opponents knocked a volleyball back and forth. The idea was to sneak it past your opponent, with a wrap-around approach of this ball tethered...
teacher supplies on desk

I Was Not Meant To Be This Kind Of Teacher

I remember a time in early motherhood where I was voluntold to work in a children's class. Voluntold because there was a need and some of that need was a direct result of having children of...
man with mask surrounded by toilet paper

It’s Not About The Toilet Paper – It’s About Our Humanity

Covid-19 pandemic...or a toilet paper crisis? I keep thinking about this toilet paper crisis during this pandemic, a crisis that seems to only affect those of us in the United States. COVID-19 is affecting the...
woman quieted as metaphor for disappointment

As An Idealist, I Had to Learn to Live with Disappointment

I am an idealist. Since I was a little girl, I’ve held this innate belief of ideals over practicality. I don’t look at facts. I look at hope beyond reasonable explanation. Some would call people like...
woman in pain

Pain, Chronic Pain Go Away – Come Again Another Day

When I think of my chronic pain, I think of a time that my nephew was ill. We both handled our pain in the same way. Let me paint a picture for you (trigger warning...
friday favorites holiday

Friday Favorites- Amy’s List of Holiday Favorites

Welcome to our newest series. In "Friday Favorites," our team will share a handful of favorite items. These can range from clothes to beauty products to recipes to books and anything in between. Amy's tried...
Goodbye Facebook

Goodbye Facebook

I took a break from Facebook, and I am slowly getting the pieces of my life back. You've probably heard the phrase, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Well, this hand has not been...

The Seven Dwarfs of Military Friendship

As you may know, I am a bit new to this whole military thing. What’s more, my spouse joined service in our later years of life. All that to say, in our civilian life,...

I Have So Many Coping Mechanisms That My Coping Mechanisms Have Coping Mechanisms

Webster’s Dictionary defines revelation as a surprising and previously unknown fact. I’ve been turning a blind eye to some surprising and previously unknown facts about myself because they’re glaringly painful to look at too...

The Books that Grew Me

Oh, my word ladies, I’ve been journaling. I absolutely love to journal but somewhere along the way, from being a child to being a mother, I lost the art journaling, of slowing down, of...

Dear Military Spouse: You Did Not Sign Up for This

Let me start off by saying, any spouse who supports his or her service member in any branch of service - I salute you (Wait, can I do that?)! If you are one of the...

It’s Not You, It’s Me

I’m FINALLY learning to embrace my saggy bottom britches, body parts descending, stretch marks showing, varicose vein-wearing, laugh-lines growing, middle-aged body of mine. I recently listened to a Lysa TerKeurst podcast. She discusses her book-...