Ashley Dolar

Ashley Dolar
Ashley Dolar is an experienced freelance writer, blogger, and certified language arts teacher. She is married to her high school sweetheart who is now a member of the Army Reserve. They have a four-year-old daughter. Ashley likes to read, write, and get to the gym on a semi-regular basis. Her family has lived six states in ten years, and she currently lives in the northern Virginia suburbs near Washington, D.C. You can connect with Ashley on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashley-dolar
black and white photo of two people walking in a crosswalk

School Drop Off :: A Letter to the Man who Yelled at Me Today

To the man who yelled at me during school drop off: I want you to know that you got the best of me. I yelled back, in front of my 5-year-old child.  In case you yell...
Grandparents and grandchildren sitting together in a black and white photo

When My Grandchildren Ask About the Pandemic

When my grandma was alive, she told me three stories nearly every time I saw her: the one where she drove across the country with a girlfriend, the one where she joined the nurse...
my resume checklist with computer and pen

Unemployed? Here are 5 Resume Tips to Get You Started

I'm a resume writer. That means I get to talk to people, learn their stories, and figure out the best way to present that information in a marketing document, more commonly called a resume.  I’ll...
children reading on ground with yellow background

Guilt-Free Screen Time : YouTube Read Alouds to the Rescue

How many books can one mom read aloud to her children?  Five? Ten? Seven hundred and thirty-eight? COVID-19 is helping me find out. Before social distancing and days devoid of storytime, we probably read two books...
girl with eyes closed

My Anxiety is Giving Me a Hard Time

My anxiety is giving me a hard time.   It doesn’t show, even to me, because my coping mechanism of choice is avoidance. I push my fear of the unknown deep down into a tiny pocket....
couple on a date at outdoor restaurant

A Mom’s Timeline for a Successful Date Night

Date night takes on a whole new meaning with kids on the scene. Gone are the days of impromptu happy hours and last-minute dinner decisions. Now, date night needs to be planned weeks in advance,...
girl and mother at protest using voice

Teaching Our Girls That Their Voices Matter

My daughter was born in 2016. The rhetoric of that year was particularly polarizing, outlandish, and oftentimes, outright sexist. I remember it as a hard time to be a new mom, trying to navigate...
rainbow above house in neighborhood

Moving Out of Our Old House and into Our New Lives

Moving is never easy. Since I’ve done it six times in ten years, I sort of go on auto-pilot: arrange for movers, declutter closets, call all utility companies on both sides, etc. But my...