Brandee was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. She has two boys and a girl. Brandee’s husband is in the Navy, and they have been stationed in Pensacola, Florida, twice in Meridian Mississippi, Yokosuka Japan, twice in Lemoore, California, and they are currently stationed in Washington D.C. She earned a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Brandee loves writing and started her personal blog one year ago. Brandee is currently a counselor helping teens, adults, couples and families.
hulu and streaming apps on TV to find shows

What to Watch: Some Feel Good Must See Shows on Hulu

What do you like to watch or stream? My typical TV choice involves violence and mystery. I am a big fan of the cop/investigation type shows, which sometimes leave me with some interesting and action-packed...
mom and daughter working from home

When Life Has Not Slowed Down, Practice Mindfulness

Our family is going on week five of the COVID-19 stay-at-home routine. I call it a routine, but it has not in any way come to feel like a new normal. Five weeks of my...
woman on phone in dark alone

A Note to The Friend With The Status Change: I See You

Facebook is a world of constantly changing statuses. Social media culture, in general, is very interesting to me. I am on Facebook daily. I am not ashamed of my screen time. Yes, I do have...
pink and yellow socks to enjoy the small things

Wear The Fun Socks: Learning to Slow Down and Enjoy the Small Things

Everyone seemed to be so excited when Disney Plus came out. And by everyone, I meant adults everywhere. People counted down days until its arrival; some even took the day off work! There were...
babysitter and child

How To Find, Interview, and Keep a Good Babysitter

Good babysitters can be hard to find. With my oldest child being 12 and having moved a whole lot, I have searched many, many times for babysitters. I will admit that my expectations for babysitters...

Bad Hair Days and Unmet Expectations

I’ve had natural hair for over a year, which means chemical-free. I haven't had my hair trimmed in about that same amount of time. So one day I made a last-minute decision to try...

We Sent the Kids to Their Grandparents for the Summer

Our life has been such a transition over the past year.  Not only did we have a PCS, but I also went back to work full time, for the first time in a long...

What Will Our Kids Remember: The Time I Asked My Kids to Give Me...

Parenting is tricky business. As a parent, sometimes I wonder if I am doing too much, and sometimes I wonder if I should be doing more. With military life there comes guilt; for me, as...

Parenthood and the Things We Said We’d Never Do

Even before I got pregnant, I remember thinking: “when I’m a parent I’m going to … or I'm never going to....” Fill in the blank with any grand plans.   As parents of three kids, my...

Mom’s Self-Care is Good for Everyone

  Over the years my self-care needs have changed. For me, self-care used to mean going out of the house and being away from my kids for a while. Being in the house was not...

Let Me Tell You How To Parent Your Child

I was 23 years old when I found out I was pregnant. It was in that moment that I realized  my baby would be the first baby whose diaper I would ever change. Needless...

Parenting: For the Hard Times, Get a Dog

After having three kids and being parents for ten years, my husband and I adopted a puppy. He is the cutest little 4-pound mixed terrier. When I went to the shelter to “just look”...