Brittany Velasquez

Brittany Velasquez
Brittany hails from Phoenix, Arizona, but has lived all over through her husband’s career in the Air Force. They have moved from Arizona to Texas to Italy to Korea (for him) to Illinois (for she and the kids), and now Texas again — but this time as a reservist! Brittany has three children and currently spends her time studying in graduate school, mastering the art of precision over-the-shoulder snack throwing in her minivan, and saying yes to every single thing anyone asks her to do as a volunteer.
Texas neon sign

It’s Texas, Ya’ll: A Guide to Texas for Non-Texans

Ya’ll. I have lived in Texas for 10 of the 15 years that my husband has been in the Air Force. Turns out there are a lot of Air Force Bases in Texas. Who knew!? I...
teen girls watching a movie in 3D glasses

3 Body-Positive, Conversation-Starter Movies to Watch with Your Teen

I hate to admit this, but it starts young. I remember the first time my daughter called herself fat. She was only 5 years old. Was it me? I tried to not mention my bodyweight...
two women in swimwear sitting on bed

Don’t Worry about Your Quarantine 15

It sounds catchy: the Quarantine 15. In case you haven’t been on social media way too much lately (like I have), the Quarantine 15 refers to the 15 pounds that people are gaining as a result...
snack tray with different fruits, veggies, meats, and crackers

Tired of Cooking? Try a Snack Tray

Did I have to cook this much before social distancing? I think I did. I cooked dinner every night. We only ate out occasionally.  But somehow staying home all day has me cooking ALL...
hair cut on woman with barn-style background

My Haircut is None of Your Business

I recently got my hair cut. It is nothing fancy—just a standard bob-sort of hair cut where the front is probably a little longer than my chin. I have curly hair, and in this Texas...

Five Things I Refuse to Care About in the New Year

The New Year brought with it a barrage of posts about New Year’s Resolutions all over social media—goals to improve who we are, how we look, how much money we make… I get it. I...
doctor thinking about pelvic floor physical therapy

Do You Pee When You Sneeze? You Might Need Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Do you pee when you sneeze? This is sort of a sensitive question and topic, and this might be too personal for some of us to answer. But asking this question and seeking out treatment...

We All Struggle: Let’s Stop Competing

I was in the pediatrician’s office the other day getting my son’s 4-year-old checkup. He was happily playing in the “laundry” area of the waiting room—moving fabric from the pretend washer, then to the...

Why Moms Cry

Recently, I was talking with a friend whose daughter is graduating high school. Her daughter is so amazing—kind, a leader, smart, mature, beautiful, inclusive, level-headed. I can’t say enough nice things about her. When...

First Pancake Syndrome: Parenting Kid No. 1 vs. Parenting Kid No. 3

When I had my first daughter in 2006, I didn’t know anything about babies or parenting. Literally nothing. I didn’t babysit. I avoided small cousins toddling around family gatherings. I just… wasn’t interested. So,...

Easy, Silly, and Last-Minute April Fools’ Day Ideas

April Fools' Day is April 1st! Here are some last-minute (as in “I literally forgot April Fools' Day” last-minute), fun (not cruel), and easy tricks that you can play on your kids that will...

Why Is That Baby Wearing A Helmet? Clearing Up Some Misconceptions

One night last month I was on my computer procrastinating. I was supposed to be doing homework, but I was scrolling through social media, and I saw an article about John Legend taking swimming...