Courtney Boyer

Born and raised in coffee country (looking at you, Seattle), Courtney Boyer is passionate about helping others gain clarity in their lives and relationships so they can live more authentically. After marrying her college sweetheart, she began her career in sexuality education and counseling eventually finding her home in coaching and energy work. Throughout her Army husband’s early military medical career, Courtney stayed at home with their three children, connecting and volunteering with other military spouses. Courtney is the founder of Courtney Boyer Coaching Coaching, a speaker, contributing writer, and running enthusiast. She has never strayed from her coffee roots and enjoys meeting new people over a steaming cup of joe (or glass of red wine). Courtney and her family are currently living the OCONUS life in Germany.
New kid, new school

Remember the New Kid

Back to school season is my favorite. I love the excitement of a new school year. Freshly sharpened pencils. The anticipation of new opportunities and new things to learn. Themed classrooms decorated by enthusiastic...
deal breaker

What is a Friendship Deal Breaker?

“I don’t know what to do,” my 11 year old said as she plopped down at the kitchen table. “About what?” I asked her. “About my friend. I mean, I think we’re friends. I don’t know....

When They’re Not Who You Remembered

After a thousand mile road trip, I finally asked my sister the question I wasn’t sure I wanted the answer to, “Do you think she’ll remember who I am?” I held my breath,...
butterfly leaving a chrysalis in a green plant, signifying change. "Change Is Hard - Don't Resist It" in text and MMC logo

Change Is Hard – Don’t Resist It

“Why do we have to move again?” my 10 year-old asked, demanding an answer. “Well, because the Army gave us orders to move to Germany,” I calmly explained. “I’m not going. I refuse to...
teenage girl in Converse sneakers with "Talk to Your Daughters About Their Bodies" in text and MMC logo

Talk to Your Daughters About Their Bodies

There’s a meme that’s been around for a while that says, “How do you talk to girls about their bodies? You don’t!” When I first saw this, I thought, Heck yeah! Girl power! That’s...
couple embracing hands on a bed in black and white with "4 Tips to Have More Sex" in text

4 Tips to Have More Sex

“Have kids; it’ll do wonders for your sex life,” said absolutely no one ever in the history of the world.  Like most parents, maybe you’re finding yourself in a “rut” sexually with your partner. Or...

Keeping the Spark During Deployment

As a military spouse and sexologist, I get this question a lot: how do you keep the spark during deployment? How do you connect sexually with your partner who’s on a completely different continent?...
cup of tea, candy canes, wrapped gifts, and pine branch evoking a holiday feeling

Four Ways to Hate the Holidays a Little Less

Like it or not, we are already at that time of year. The time that some refer to as magical. Wonderful. Inspiring, even. If you find yourself more sympathetic to Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge or anticipate...
purple and blue sky with white flowers and "10 Ways to Feel Better Now" in text with MMC logo

10 Free Ways to Feel Better Now

Raise your hand if you've thought any of these: Don’t even get me started that there’s less than 2 months left of 2021. Wasn’t this year supposed to be better? Good night nurse, how much...
children waiting in airport and a travel case with "The Dreaded Travel Dilemma" in text and MMC logo

The Dreaded Travel Dilemma

There are three major logistical actions for military families: a PCS (where we move from one duty station to another) a change of command (leadership changes at place of work) seasonal travel All of...
three women together on a pale coral background with "A Tale of Toxic Positivity" in text

A Tale of Toxic Positivity

I poured the hot water into my paper cup, plopped in a tea bag, and headed to my seat. “Hi, Courtney. So glad you were able to join us,” one of the coordinators cheerfully...
woman standing with hands on head and looking overwhelmed on lilac background

The “B” Word I Won’t Use

“Oh don’t say that word around Courtney,” my friend joked after hearing another mom share about her hectic life. The mom laughed with confusion. “What word?” Oh great, I thought. How do I want...