Courtney Boyer

Born and raised in coffee country (looking at you, Seattle), Courtney Boyer is passionate about helping others. After marrying her college sweetheart, she began her career in sexuality education and counseling. Throughout her Army husband’s early military medical career, Courtney stayed at home with their three children, connecting and volunteering with other military spouses. Courtney is the founder of Stepping Stones Coaching, a speaker, contributing writer, and running enthusiast. She has never strayed from her coffee roots and enjoys meeting new people over a steaming cup of joe (or glass of red wine). Courtney and her family are currently living the OCONUS life in Germany.
three women together on a pale coral background with "A Tale of Toxic Positivity" in text

A Tale of Toxic Positivity

I poured the hot water into my paper cup, plopped in a tea bag, and headed to my seat. “Hi, Courtney. So glad you were able to join us,” one of the coordinators cheerfully...
woman standing with hands on head and looking overwhelmed on lilac background

The “B” Word I Won’t Use

“Oh don’t say that word around Courtney,” my friend joked after hearing another mom share about her hectic life. The mom laughed with confusion. “What word?” Oh great, I thought. How do I want...
cartoon graphic of super hero with text "Unbecoming Supermom"

Unbecoming Supermom

Alcohol. Illicit drugs. Those were not my preferred vices. I preferred the socially acceptable one. The one that no one questioned. The one that was rewarded, which of course, fueled my desire for this...
child hugging a parent in black and white

Transparent Parenting: The Day I Scared My Son with my Grief

I knew my friend would be dropping off my son from school any minute. I had to get myself together. I walked into my bathroom, slowly lifted my head to the mirror and began to...