Christopher Otero

Christopher Otero
Chris was born and raised in Northern California, but currently moves around the country (and maybe the world one day) with his husband Luis, who serves in the US Air Force. They have lived together in Charleston SC, Montgomery AL, Cheyenne WY, and currently live in the Washington DC area. They have one silly, energetic, and musical toddler daughter CeCe, who loves running around and playing with their golden doodle. Chris is a stay-at-home dad, and depending on the day, he views this as infinitely more enjoyable / exponentially more difficult than his previous job as a middle school math teacher. In his spare time, Chris loves to bake for his family and friends, read while enjoying a cup (read as "pot") of coffee, get in a workout at the gym, walk aimlessly around Target, spin in circles outside with CeCe, and accomplish tasks on his To-Do list so that he can make an immensely satisfying check mark next to each completed task.

Hi. My Name is Chris, and I Feel Like a Parenting Failure.

It's currently 4:47 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon. So far today, my four-year-old daughter has yelled at me about going potty, eating her breakfast, getting dressed, going potty, picking up her toys, putting her dirty...

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