As an Active Duty Air Force Officer, Emily is proud to wear the uniform herself. She is stationed in San Antonio, where both she and her civilian husband are medical professionals. A working mama with a crazy schedule, a toddler and a newborn, she could not live without coffee, Amazon Prime, and a lot of help. Favorite pastimes include experiencing live music, eating amazing food, and crossing destinations off her travel bucket list. Navigating the challenges of working outside the home while having babies has made her passionate about women helping women and a firm believer in the truth that you can never have too much grace for yourself. 

Breastfeeding and The Sweetness of Second Chances

Getting pregnant is one of those life events that sets a lot of other things into motion, whether you like it or not. A lot of these things are obvious: you anticipate the purchase...

Motherhood and the Illusion of Balance

Last week, I got home from work after an overnight shift to learn that my daughter had thrown up just a few minutes prior. The nanny filled me in on all the details, and...

Parenthood: An Exercise in Humility

When we finally got our first kid sleeping through the night, we basically felt like parenting experts. We had read books together and followed them religiously. And it had worked. The night before we...

Ode to an Uptight Mom

From where you sit, the afternoon light beams in, pleasantly illuminating the flowers on your dining room table. Then your gaze drifts down to the floor, where tufts of dog hair catch the light...

Here’s to Strong Women: Timely Thoughts on Raising a Girl

When I learned my first baby would be a girl, I was nervous. Years of ups and downs in my relationship with my mother had left me with a great deal of apprehension about...

6 Life Hacks for a New Year

Welcome to another brand new year. This season is ripe with reflection and resolutions. Everyone I know is eager to wipe the slate clean and begin again with renewed vigor. Gyms are packed. Calendars...

The Empty Seat at the Table: Navigating Grief and the Holidays

Through the years we all will be together, if the Fates allow Hang a shining star upon the highest bough And have yourself a merry little Christmas now No matter where life took me, I always managed...

The Aroma of a Memory: Apple Crumb Pie

Like most basic white girls, I eagerly await the advent of fall. The crispness in the air is positively life-giving after a long, sticky summer. Everything feels fresh and new, which is the epitome...
Military Mom coming home hugging daughter

Deploying as a Mom

It started with a boo-boo. She face-planted off a Costco bottle of laundry detergent. Blood oozed from her lip and tears poured from her eyes as she buried her face in my neck. At...

Learning to Juggle by Dropping the Ball

Our exchange started out innocently enough. The nanny was asking about a tiny detail in our baby’s morning routine; my husband had given her slightly different information than I had.  She was asking for...
mom in uniform

Impossible: A Tale of Going Back to Work

By some miracle, the house is quiet. My daughter sleeps hard as the shades in her windows block out the afternoon sun. In the room next door, I hold my son close, dancing him...