Erin Curlett

Erin lives with her Army husband and two boys on the windward side of Oahu. When she’s not in the middle of a toddler dance party or tickle fight, Erin loves to jog by the ocean, play with eye makeup, and send super long voice messages to her friends around the world. Erin writes because she believes vulnerably sharing our stories with each other is the best way to heal, connect, and find hope in the future. Former blog editor of the Good Mother Project, Erin’s writing has also appeared on Mamalode, Scary Mommy, and her personal blog, www.erincurlett.com

Do You Need Happy Pills? I Do

When my husband walked in from work, I was sitting on the couch, surrounded by piles of folded laundry. “Wow!” he grinned. I smiled back. I had put clean sheets on the beds and wiped...

I Left My Heart in Oahu: Mom Guilt During the Hawaii Missile Scare

I left them with no question of my love. I know this, because I had catalogued each hug, each kiss, each whispered “I love you,” as I climbed, with some trepidation, onto the tiny...

Yes, I Work in Direct Sales, Yes, I Am That Person

Y’all, I never thought I’d be a salesperson. I have always been the shy, dreamy-eyed romantic who is feeling big feelings and writing poetry in the corner. I see multiple sides in most arguments....

How to Care for Your Introverted Friend During Deployment

Deployment really brings out the best in us . . . said no military spouse ever. I don’t know about you, but when my husband deployed for the first time this past year, I came...

Wait, My Husband’s in the Military? 5 Tips for Surviving a “Surprise” Deployment

When I fell for him in college -- his feet were bare, he had a beard and a crazy mop of hair – I never dreamed he’d become a doctor, much less a doctor...