Heather Tabers

Heather is a writer and homeschool mama living the dream in Central Florida. Her greatest titles include Mother of 5, Wife of a Wounded Warrior, and Unashamed Daughter of God. She believes life can be messy and beautiful at the same time which is why she enjoys writing stories with a little bit of grit and a lot of grace. When she's not writing, Heather can be found playing with her two furbabies (Murphy & Maisy), spending hours at the dinner table laughing with her family, reading a good book, or binge-watching a good period drama. Heather also donates her time to a wonderful non-profit that shines light into the dark places. She serves as the Communications Director at Love Missions Global, an organization that fights human trafficking by empowering survivors and educating the community. To follow Heather's writing and her quest to publishing her first novel, visit www.heathertabers.com.
toxic relationshps

Talking to Your Children About Toxic Relationships

Last year I sat in a classroom surrounded by high school students who wanted to make a difference in their school. As directors with Love Missions Global, my friend and I began speaking to...

Stressed, Blessed, and Planner Obsessed

When I was a little girl, stickers were my jam. I mean, I would work extra hard on my math facts just for the opportunity to earn a bubble-gum scratch-and-sniff sticker. I had a...

Your Child Has Already Been Targeted: What You Need to Know About Human Trafficking

In 2019, I was trying to think of something interesting to write about for this blog. When I heard that my local coffee shop used their profits to fight human trafficking, I knew I...

When You Don’t Want to Go “Home” for the Holidays

My name is Heather, and I don't want to go "home" for the holidays. I grew up in the Midwest with two parents and one sister. My daddy passed away in 2009 and I don't...
A Veteran's Wife

On Veteran’s Day: From a Veteran’s Wife

I can't help it. I get misty-eyed every year on Veteran's Day. I see men lined up in uniform on a stage at the local elementary school. I see them saluting the large flag...
corn maze

Finding Fall in Florida

A few years ago, I traded a life in the wacky-weather zone of the Midwest for a life of stable sunshine in Central Florida. And while I do not miss the snow and ice...
Mother Daughter Hope

Where Hope Enters In

I’m 21 and pregnant and scared out of my mind. My doctor tells me that I have pulmonary hypertension and that the standard of care is to terminate my pregnancy. I can’t live without...
Military spouse

Imposter Syndrome: Am I a “Real” Military Spouse?

"You should write novels with military themes since you're a military spouse." I cringe every time I hear these words. Not the part about writing novels. No, I fret over the words, "you're a military...
What Parents Should Know About Human Trafficking

What Parents Should Know About Human Trafficking in 2022

In October of 2019, I wrote an article about human trafficking for this blog, and it went viral. If you haven’t read it yet, you should. All the crucial information for protecting your child...
planner with stickers and "Heather's Favorite Planner Accessories" in text

Friday Favorites – Heather’s Favorite Planner Accessories

With the blink of an eye, 2021 has brought us to the end of our calendars while 2022 bids us to turn the final page and enter expectantly into a new year. These final...
pens, pencils, notebooks, and folders on a yellow background with "Friday Favorites Five Resources for Aspiring Authors" in text and MMC logo

Friday Favorites – Five Resources for Aspiring Authors

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Short stories in elementary school. Poetry in middle school. Then I realized I had a knack for persuasive essays in high school and research papers...
christmas family

Yes, They’re All Mine: On Being a Mom of Many

"Yes, they're all mine." I wonder how many times I've uttered these words to perfect strangers who seem to think they're well within their rights to look over my brood of well-behaved young people and...