Janna Hudson

Janna Hudson
Janna Hudson is a work-from-home military spouse and mother of four resilient children. She currently resides in North Yorkshire, England, where her U.S. Air Force husband is currently serving as an Exchange Officer with the Royal Air Force. When not exploring the world with her family, Janna likes to sew, paint, build stuff, grow things, photograph and write about that which inspires her. She has written and illustrated picture books for children and a Women's Fiction novel called "Legacy: And Other Things Left Behind." Learn more about Janna by visiting her personal website: http://hudsonbooks.wixsite.com/index/
hands together for team-building

Creative Parenting: Team-Building Activities As “Punishment”

Are your kids constantly fighting? If your kids are like mine, they start fighting the second they get into a car. Recently during one of these tumultuous car rides, I took a look in the...
global helping hands

4 Simple Ways to Help Change the World

My oldest daughter is quite the idealist. If there's anything to volunteer for at school, she is the first one who raises her hand. Last year she joined Student Council and was invited to...
Superstitions of a Military Spouse

When Your Spouse is Deployed … Superstitions of a Military Spouse

Are you superstitious? Then, Friday the 13th is a day you might dread! For those who grew up in my generation, the movie "Friday the 13th" made more and more people fearful of this...
royal military ball summer

Do’s and Don’ts: What to Wear to the Military Ball

When you think of fall, you most likely think of the sound of leaves crunching under your feet as you walk, the crisp autumn air, hayrides, and, of course, all things pumpkin. But fall...
Waiting Outside Delivery Room

Born Abroad: A Military Child’s Right to Citizenship

Do you have a child who was born abroad? We’ve seen the confusing headlines. Headlines like “Children of US Troops Born Overseas Will No Longer Get Automatic American Citizenship” or “New Immigration Policy Withholds...
Perfect man is a family man

Every Mom Has A Type She Is Attracted To: Here’s Mine … and Probably...

Ever taken one of those quizzes you see posted on Facebook? Many times I pass them by thinking they are nothing more than a way for someone to hack into my personal information or...
swim gala food pasta salad

Game Day: Food for Young Athletes

My children are competitive swimmers. This means that they spend long days at the pool, especially during swim meets. Weekend races can take all day, but most of the time my favorite swimmers are...
Red Telephone Booth England Scotland

London is Calling: Where to Visit While Stationed in England

One of the best things about an overseas assignment is being able to travel and explore new places. My husband has been fortunate to have three overseas assignments: Italy, South Korea and now...
mother and daughter hug

Bruises Fade: Advice to My Teenage Military Child

The funny thing about a bruise: Sometimes you can't see a bruise, but you can feel it. Other times it's big and ugly and purple. Caused by trauma, these bruises may last a little...
Space A travel wing tip

Space-A Travel Tips: Unveiling the Mystery of Flying with the USAF

Are you stationed overseas and looking to plan a trip back to the states but the cost of airfare is breaking the bank? As a family of six, we thought there had to be a...
Holiday Christmas Ham

Ultimate Holiday Meal Plan

Presenting Your Ultimate Holiday Meal Plan! When you live far from extended family, as many military members do, you might end up sharing holiday meals with friends and co-workers. However, I've found that as an...
Managing Health Expectations Antibiotics

Managing Health Expectations: An Antibiotic Is Not a Cure-all

This week, November 12-18, marks World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW). The aim of the week, according to the World Health Organization, is to "increase global awareness of antibiotic resistance (AMR) and to encourage best...