Janna Hudson

Janna Hudson
Janna Hudson is a work-from-home military spouse and mother of four resilient children. She currently resides in North Yorkshire, England, where her U.S. Air Force husband is currently serving as an Exchange Officer with the Royal Air Force. When not exploring the world with her family, Janna likes to sew, paint, build stuff, grow things, photograph and write about that which inspires her. She has written and illustrated picture books for children and a Women's Fiction novel called "Legacy: And Other Things Left Behind." Learn more about Janna by visiting her personal website: http://hudsonbooks.wixsite.com/index/
woment talking confrontation

What I Wish My Mother-In-Law Knew: The Things I Learned As A Mother

Mother-in-laws are quite often the brunt of jokes. The premise being that a mother-in-law typically considers her child to be unsuitable for his new love, so they are usually depicted as overbearing or obnoxious. Now,...
breastfeeding baby

Lessons Learned from Breastfeeding, Including the Importance of a Massive Cheeseburger

As a breastfeeding mother, I've had my fair share of inappropriate comments, questions and unsolicited advice. Sometimes I've been dumbfounded. Rarely I've been mad. But occasionally, you get a piece of advice right when you...
operation thats my dress

Operation That’s My Dress: Mission Accomplished!

If the mission of Operation That's My Dress is to reward dependents and active duty military members with a gorgeous gown and make them feel like Cinderella for one evening, then I'd say "Mission...
Military Spouse Occupation Label

I’m More Than Just a Label, but “Homemaker” Is My Occupation

Occupation Unspecified: What Label Fills Your Blank Space? As a military spouse, have you ever had to re-think your career field? Have you ever had to switch gears and try something new because your new...

Gold Star Status: How to “PLAN” for the Worst

When an F-16 pilot crashed recently, it left me wondering who was left behind. Was the spouse of the pilot a friend of mine? Would she be ready and able to provide for her...

If You See Him, Say “Hello!”

"If You See Him, Say Hello" This is a poem by Military Moms Contributor, Janna Hudson, written to the tune of “If You See Her, Say Hello” by Bob Dylan, released in 1975 on his...
Art Therapy: Exploring the Emotions of Military Kids During a Deployment

Art Therapy: Exploring the Emotions of Your Military Child During a Deployment

While there are many challenges associated with being a military family, one of the most difficult is coping with stress when the active duty member is deployed. Military children may also experience this stress...

Make Love, Not War: Resolving the Gun Control Issue at Home

When it comes to gun control in America, opinions typically fall somewhere on a spectrum, with no distinct middle ground. There is a lot to consider when "choosing a side," if one must. In...

How I Survived Having Twins, A Potty Training Toddler, and Moving Overseas in The...

I read one time that in an effort to minimize stress and anxiety, you should only have one major life event in a year. Get married, have a baby, change jobs, move anywhere …...

Dear Space X: A Letter From a Boring Military Spouse

Dear Space X, In a few short years, my husband will be retiring from the Air Force, and I will be throwing in my apron as a stay-at-home mom. He will egress from the cockpit...
Kathrynn Hudson rides a horse at her first week-long summer camp for military kids at YMCA's Camp Carson back in 2013.

Sound the Alarm: Registration for Operation Military Kids Camp is Open

“Sign us up!” my kids commanded after receiving mail from YMCA’s Camp Carson. Normally, I’d be put off by such demands, but this is one I’m happy to give in to. This will be the...

Failed Friendships: When to Cut Your Losses and Move On

You know that old saying - “We have three types of friends in life: Friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime.” Friendships come and go, even as adults. Sure,...