Jen currently resides in Pensacola, Florida with her Navy husband and two sons. Having spent the last three years in Belgium experiencing European life, she is adjusting the heat and humidity of living in the Florida Panhandle. When she’s not at the soccer field cheering on her boys or taking a Pure Barre class, you’ll find Jen curled up with a good book or planning her family’s next travel adventure. Born and raised in the Midwest, Florida has now become “home” – at least that’s what her driver’s license says!

The “B” List: 3 Under the Radar, Kid-Friendly Cities in Europe

When people think about traveling to or around Europe, they automatically think of major cities like London, Paris or Rome. If you’re planning to travel with your family and young children, then those big...

What I’ve Learned During My Three-Year Career Break

Three years ago, I quit my job. I quit my career. I left the paid "working world." All for a good reason, of course. Three years of European living courtesy of the husband's job...

Eat Me, I’m Irish: Authentic Shepherd’s Pie

With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, I'm sharing my family's recipe for Shepherd's Pie. This is the real deal - trust me. I married into an Irish family, and they take things...

Your Kids Need Their Own Dentist, Too!

“I just love taking my kids to the dentist!” said no mom ever. If I’m being honest, I don’t like taking myself to the dentist either. All those scraping tools and drilling noises make me...

PCS’ing to Belgium? Here Are 8 Reasons Why SHAPE is the Place to “BE”

The Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) is located near Mons, Belgium (about 30 minutes south of Brussels) and is the military headquarters for NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe. Because it is a posting...

5 Planners for Every Mom and Every Budget

I used to be a pretty organized and together person. Before my kids came along, I remembered everything. I knew where my husband left his keys; I was able recall dates on the calendar...

5 Reasons Why We Love Elf on the Shelf

The “Great Debate” – Elf or No Elf? Our family falls into the former category. Catch up on why fellow Military Moms Blog Contributor Michelle hates the elf here. Our elf, Martin, was given to us...

The Routine Procedure That Saved My Best Friend’s Life

"They saw something on my mammogram, and I have to go back for more tests." This was the text I woke up to from my best friend back in January. I stared at it in...

Europe in the Fall: 5 Weekend Trips with Kids

Fall is my favorite season – I love the beautiful colors of the foliage, the cooler temperatures, and the calm in the schedule before the hectic pace of the holidays begins.  We’ve been stationed in...

How to Decide Whether Language Immersion Education is Right for Your Child

One of the most stressful decisions we make as parents is where to send our children to school. If you are a military family, you do it more often than our country holds presidential...

Traveling with Kids: It’s Worth the Hassle

"Because getting there is half the fun. You know that." -- Clark W. Griswold (National Lampoon's Vacation) Sometimes I feel like this quote from one of my favorite movies should really say, "Getting there is...