Jordyn Hall

Jordyn is married to a handsome man in uniform who serves in the Air Force. They met at a wedding in 2009 and said their vows in an unexpected trip to the courthouse in 2012. They play mom and dad to two funny, beautiful and free-spirited little girls, Ellie and Avery. The girls keep their parents on their toes and outsmart them more times than they would like to admit, but their snuggles and laughter are possibly the best in the world. Jordyn currently resides in Colorado Springs where she and her husband are proud members of the Air Force Academy community.

The Ultimate Adult Chai Latte

I co-wrote a post a couple of months ago describing my feelings towards the pumpkin spice latte, (I hate it), and at the end, I mentioned my favorite warm drink — a chai latte. Give...

Dear Bedtime, I Need A Sign

Dear Bedtime, I’ve worked so hard for you. I read books about you. I wrote notes on you. I talked endlessly about you with my friends and family. But I’m coming to realize that this...

Why Military Life Changed Me for the Better

I was a young college student when I met my husband. I didn’t have any experience with the military and was hesitant to dive headfirst into the relationship. Fast forward that relationship a few years,...

On-The-Go Breakfast for the Back-To-School Rush

It’s almost time for the early morning wake ups, school bus, drop off lines, endless amounts of school supplies and, inevitably, the pictures on social media of perfect school breakfasts and lunches. Please get away...

Making Moves and Finding Your Tribe

Did you know there are apps to make mom-friends? Instead of going on dates to find a compatible partner, you are mom speed dating to find your ultimate mommy friend match. No, I’m not...