Katie Nunnally

Katie Nunnally
Katie has been an Air Force spouse for over 12 years, leaving her home town of Colorado Springs to explore exotic locations like Dayton, Ohio, then on to Ramstein, Germany, and then back to Dayton because her husband is a glutton for punishment and decided to get his PhD from the Air Force Institute of Technology. She's mom to four kids including one year old twins who are currently deconstructing everything she thought she knew about life, brick by brick. Her current life doesn't have room for hobbies, but she thinks she used to like meeting friends for dinner, running holiday 5K races, and going to the beach. You can find her at pearls.points.and.parenting on IG talking about mom life, trying to get back into a shape other than round, and laughing at memes.
Another App

App-solutely Not

"Download the BingBongDingDong messaging app and join our group so that we can send out important class information...." As I read the note posted on the door of my son's church class, I felt the...
My Mom Died

I Need to Say My Mom Died

It was a beautiful evening at our neighborhood base playground, and as usual I was pushing my twins and watching the sun set while making small talk with another new neighbor. I love PCS...

Putting Lipstick on a Pig – Dressing Up Military Housing

Anytime a PCS pops up, we're all faced with the inevitable question- does living on base/post make sense for our family this time? Sometimes that answer is dictated by availability, sometimes it's location, sometimes schools....
a hotel bed with purple and pink bedding and "An Ode to our Hotel Housekeeper" in text and MMC logo

An Ode to our Hotel Housekeeper

"Thank you so much,'' I said tearfully, as I handed Maria a tip. By the big emotions flowing through my body, you would have thought that I had known her for years. That wasn’t the...
twin babies in pink and blue wraps on a white fluffy blanket

Lazy Mom’s Guide to Things You Actually Need When You Have Twins

So you're having twins! Welcome to the club- it's a wild ride. It's time to make a baby registry, and I've got thoughts. I bet you already know you need a stroller for two. You do? See,...
a white sound machine next to a bed with the words "Deafening White Noise: A Warning for Parents" in text

Deafening White Noise: A Warning for Parents

Did you use a sound machine when you had babies? Are you using one now? Do you know the correct sound level they should be set to?   I fall in a weird gap of my first...
family photo in front of a castle with MMC logo and "Take the (Cliche, Overdone, Typical) Family Photo" in text

Take the (Cliche, Overdone, Typical) Family Photo

What is THE SPOT to get family photos done where you are currently living? You know the one. It's the setting where if you are scrolling through social media and a picture of a friend...
air force military airmen in blues marching with American flag

PCS to Graduate School: Lessons Learned from a Seasoned Spouse

Get yourself a sweatshirt from the campus book store, and order up a special backpack- your family is going back to school!   Getting a masters degree or PhD is a huge deal. Even better news...
blue and green watercolor background with a mom with kids saying "You've Got Your Hands Full! + Other Ridiculous Things People Say to Parents of 3+ Kids" in text

“You’ve Got Your Hands Full!” + Other Ridiculous Things People Say to Parents with...

I have four youngish kids.   That's not double digits or anything, but I acknowledge it's larger than the average family. I don't normally take them out all together in public right now aside from the...
white chalk background with donation box of clothes and recycle symbol

Spring Cleaning? Try your Military Freecycle

Less stuff, less stress seems to have been the mantra of the last year, as we all hunkered down for quarantine or maybe prepped for a PCS. It's freeing, saying goodbye to all of the...
desktop with planner and notes and pens

Friday Favorites-Katie’s 5 Uses for a Paper Planner

Welcome to our newest series. In "Friday Favorites," our team will share a handful of favorite items. These can range from clothes to beauty products to recipes to books and anything in between. There are...
mom and daughter looking on a computer together

To the Military Moms of Teens (From the Military Moms of Tinys)

This goes out to all the military moms of teenagers, from the military moms of little ones. Teenagers. There are a million preconceived notions of what that age group is like and usually, they aren't the...