Kailyn Rhinehart

Kailyn Rhinehart
Kailyn Rhinehart is an Air Force wife and mama to two blond babes (ages 6 and 3). She was born and raised in New England but currently calls Missouri home. She has spent the last eight years in five different states and unashamedly favors the Southern year-round sunshine most. With a degree in Early Childhood Education and Psychology, she is a kindergarten teacher turned freelance writer. Kailyn is an avid list-maker, horse lover, and consumer of coffee in any form. She hopes to connect with other mamas and military spouses in this crazy life. You can say hello at kailynrhinehart.com

5 Reasons to Start a New Hobby While Your Spouse Is Gone

As a military spouse, your service member is likely away for periods of time. Whether it’s months or weeks, this time can leave you feeling lonely. It can likely make you feel all kinds...
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5 Time Management Hacks that Save Me as a Mom

As the phrase goes… “Mommin’ ain't easy.” Let's face it, sometimes it's downright overwhelming. It feels like there are a million and one things we need to do at once. There’s juggling the home...
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5 Car Tips to Make Traveling With Kids Easier

Any kind of travel with kids can be...complicated. But long travel in the car with kids is no easy feat. Let's face it - it's stressful and usually chaotic. But maybe it doesn't have to...

Things I Would Tell Myself as a New Military Spouse

My husband and I met after he had already committed to the Air Force. My basic understanding of the military (and military spouses) involved watching Dear John, some rom-com books, and the snippets of...

4 Books to Read to Your Military Child During a PCS

  A permanent change of station (PCS) is difficult for many children. It’s difficult as a parent to watch your military child feel so many emotions and not be able to process them. There are...

The Beauty of Motherhood: Book Review

I wanted to tell you about a devotional I read recently: The Beauty of Motherhood. It’s one I wish I had years ago, but one I now hope to share with new mom friends...

Tips For Decluttering

Are you sick of excess toys? Do you have clothes from high school still sitting in the back of your closet? What about those sealed boxes from two-PCSs-ago untouched in your garage? It’s time...

Sick Kids and Survival Mode

Have you ever searched “kids” and “sick” on Pinterest or the internet? You’ll see hacks, checklists, and product recommendations. You’ll scroll immune-boosting recipes, homemade cleaning solutions, and puking hacks. You’ll read about how to feed...

Why I Love Having a Word of the Year

I used to be a hardcore New Year’s Resolutions gal. I made all the lists. I made the lofty (and now, looking back on them) unattainable goals. I had 365 days to be better....

How to Stay Sane During the Holiday Season

It’s October and the cusp of the holiday season. The decorative pumpkins have been sitting on your bookshelf for weeks. The wooden “thankful and grateful” plaque leans against the wall. You even changed your...