Kalie Vidales

Kalie Vidales
Kalie Vidales is a lover of Jesus, her husband, their two children, and all things floral. She has been following her Active Duty Soldier around the country for the last 8 years to 5 different duty stations. She spends her days leaving half-finished cups of coffee around the house as she chases her kids, reads C.S. Lewis when she has 5 minutes alone, and desperately tries to keep her black lab, Skip, off the couch. She loves to write about her faith, family, and the grief of losing her mother way too early. She has an M.A. in Linguistics which has aided her very little in convincing her kids they have to wear pants every day. As an Army Brat who grew up and became an Army Wife, she enjoys plugging into church, building deep relationships, and making a home wherever the next PCS sends her.

Go and Do It: Choosing Adventure During Deployment

10 months is a long time to be without your spouse...or your dad. 10 months is just short of a year. 10 months will be almost half of our youngest’s little life. 10 months...

Invite Her Anyway

"Do you want to come over this morning?" I rushed out on the phone, half expecting my late invitation to be turned down. "Yes, actually that's exactly what I need today. I can be...

4 Things to Do with Your Kids to Prep for Deployment

Whether you (or I) like it, if your spouse (or you!) is in the military, separation is a big piece of this life. No matter if it's a field exercise, trip to a training...
Zoom In

Zoom In: The Best Deployment Advice I’ve Been Given

Deployment is hard. It's messy. It's unnerving and overwhelming. It's chaos and calamity wrapped up in the ever changing emotions of kids and parents alike. It's not for the faint of heart. Or maybe...

Love Them Differently: Loving My Kids Equally but Not the Same

I have 3 kids, two of which were born pretty close together. I called their infancies and toddlerdom my “baby years.” My baby years that were full of the same. The same cup. The...
Man using snow blower to clear walk way in several feet of snow.

My 5 Favorite Winter Gear Items

I saw the sun today. It makes me feel like winter might just be coming to a close. I also feel like that just might be the naivety of a first-time-up-state-New York transplant. For better or worse...
Birthday cake with 1 candle and the word one.

The Last 1st Birthday

It happened. My baby turned 1. To be more specific, my youngest baby turned 1. "Baby." Is she still a baby now? Something tells me she'll always be my baby. My forver baby but...
Soldier walking with children in arms

An Army Kid Interview to Melt Your Heart

I have 3 Army kids. 2 are walking and talking and school age. The 3rd is a roly-poly baby with no opinions except that she loves blueberries and the dog. So for the sake...

The Meal I Always Have on Hand to Take to a Friend

I love to take meals to people. You got a sick kid? Lemme bring you a meal. Your husband is in the field all week, you have a dentist appointment, speech, and soccer to...

“Let ‘Em Play!” A Mother’s Entry into the World of (Flag) Football

So I married a Texan. A Texas flag-hanging, Whataburger lovin', Cowboys fan-till-he-dies, Lone Star Man. And with that comes a lot of extra obligations. Bluebonnets? We don't pick 'em. H-E-B? I'm sorry, do you...
rocks and crayons and markers on a table

Thoughts of a Mom Sending her First Child to Kindergarten

I'm sending my son to Kindergarten this year. This week actually. We are mere days away from our oldest, and sometimes wildest, child heading off into the great big world. Without me. I'm handling...

3 Reasons Hiring a Doula was More than Worth the Money

Hey friends! After a small hiatus- I'm back! I wanted to do a follow up to my previous piece on why we hired a doula. You can find that here. I figured it might...