Latoya Alloway

Raised in a military family, Latoya joined the Air Force in 2004 and served one enlistment at Goodfellow AFB, where she met her husband of 11 years. Today, she is a stay-at-home mom to three boys, and she's been living in San Antonio, Texas, since September 2016, courtesy of her husband’s sixth permanent change of station.  Between raising their three boys and supporting her husband through multiple career changes, she lives for running, coffee, sewing, and exploring the city.  Although she enjoys her current adventures, she looks forward to the day where she gets to use her Masters in Business Management.

Making the Most of a New Duty Station When It’s Only Temporary

  When my husband received orders to San Antonio, Texas, we knew it was only temporary. It happened to be one stop of many for his training. But because it required nine to twelve months of...

10 Reasons to Love Being Stationed in San Antonio

Years ago, I attended basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, but, I didn't see much beyond Lackland's gates. Then, I was stationed at Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo, Texas,...

“Military Brat:” Helpful or Harmful?

I grew up living the life of a "military brat." My dad served in the Air Force for twenty years. We used the term "military brat" as did everyone else we knew. It wasn't in an...

I Love Living in Base Housing (Despite Everything I Had Heard)

My husband has served in the Air Force for 16 years. I served for four. And in that time, we have never lived in base housing. We never even tried. We never took a...

Where to Find Dinosaur Tracks in San Antonio

If you've lived in San Antonio, Texas, for more than a week, you’ve probably heard that you can find real dinosaur tracks in a certain part of the Government Canyon State Natural Area. At...

Knowing and Setting Your Limits as a Wife, Mother and Friend

Recently, a friend asked me to come over and help her babysit. She'd agreed to babysit another friend's two children. I immediately said yes with absolutely no hesitation. I wanted to help her. And I did. But...

PCSing with an Exceptional Family Member

Recently, my husband's military record changed to reflect that he now has an "exceptional family member." Prior to the diagnosis, nothing appeared amiss. Afterwards, I experienced an array of emotions ranging from shock and anger to hurt and fear. We denied....

Expanding Your Tribe As a Military Mom

Every mother needs a tribe: Other mothers who understand her; who don’t judge her; and who are willing to lend their support and time when needed. But for military mothers, who move every few years,...