Lauren is the wife of an Army vet, and the mother of three crazy little boys. A former high school English teacher, she enjoys volunteering at her children’s school and is a freelance writer. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys going to bed early, a fresh cup of coffee, running, baking, and playing all the sports with her kids.
mother and son embracing on a street with "Why My Son Makes Me Proud" in text and MMC logo

My Son Makes Me So Proud

My children are what we like to call “willful." Sometimes, this comes across as a toddler decisively screaming for the Elmo fork. Other times, we see it in my first grader’s full on tuxedo as...
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Friday Favorites: Lauren’s Essentials for the Sports Parent

It’s spring sports season again. Where I live, that means we begin in April with snow hats and puffer jackets, rocking ourselves as the wind whips and the setting sun cools us to a...
teeth floating on a pale blue background with darker blue box, "My Kids are a Pain...In My Teeth?" in text and MMC logo

My Kids Are A Pain…In My Teeth?

“Have a baby, lose a tooth,” might seem like just a myth to some. But for me, the old adage hits way too close to home. When I recently broke a filling as a result...
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Friday Favorites: 5 Things to Add to Your Lidl Cart

It seems like I am paying more for groceries every week. With a family of 5, I try to keep to a budget. I recently decided to shop at Lidl to do just that. I...
sketched woman applying lotion to her face with various skincare products and "How to Rehab Your Winter Skin" in text and MMC logo

How To Rehab Your Winter Skin

“Yikes!” I thought as I looked down at my red, cracked hands on the steering wheel the other day. After hand washing, diaper changing, hand sanitizing, dishwashing, giving baths, cleaning, and the relentless dry...
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Four Soups to Warm You Up this Month

I am writing this post as I watch the snow lightly fall on my back porch. That might sound splendid to some, but this winter has been one of the colder ones in my...
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Five Organizing Tips for the New Year

As the holidays come to a close and we look ahead to the new year, I am taking advantage of my indoor time to make my house more livable. Are you also using the...
children's room with posters and map on the wall, toys cluttered on the floor and dresser, and a messy bed

Organizing Kids’ Spaces in Three Easy Places

I find it near impossible to declutter and maintain my kids’ things. But like any mom knows, my best resource to solve this dilemma is another mother. So, for some tips to organizing my children’s...
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Friday Favorites – Lauren’s Easy, 5-Minute Costumes

Halloween is a special holiday in my home, because it's also my son's birthday. With all the special school treats, birthday party prep and actual holiday preparations, I seem to always forget that I...
"How I'm {Trying} to Save the Earth, One School Lunch at a Time" in text with purple and blue squares and rectangles and various eco-friendly supplies, a globe, and recycle sign

How I’m {Trying} To Save the Earth, One School Lunch at a Time

For the past couple of years, I have been trying to switch my sons’ school supplies to more eco-friendly options. Each year, however, we get very specific lists that derail my efforts. While I would...
rainbow paints swatches with "Friday Favorites: Lauren's Fun Back to School Snacks" in text

Friday Favorites – Lauren’s Fun Back to School Snacks

Whether your kiddos have been back to school for weeks or maybe just days, they’re probably already begging you for snacks. If your brood is anything like mine, the all important snack between lunch and...
two beds in the same room with a dark wood headboard

Unconscious Uncoupling: When a Sleep Divorce Might be Best

I’ve been married for over 10 years, and my husband and I have been together for over 13 years. Only until recently, though, did I realize that for most of our relationship, we have...