Michelle Saksa

Michelle Saksa
Michelle is a native Texan who married her college sweetheart. They have a son, a daughter, and two dogs. Her husband has been in the United States Air Force for 13 years, and they are currently stationed at NAS Whidbey Island in Oak Harbor, Washington. She is a doctor of occupational therapy and certified hand therapist as well as an adjunct professor at Abilene Christian University. Michelle is an outdoor enthusiast, lover of college football, avid runner, self-proclaimed foodie, and minor league wine connoisseur. She believes that any problem in life can be solved through a good laugh, a good cry, a good sleep, or a good glass of wine.

Military Spouse and Working Mom: the Struggle is Real

Momming ain’t easy. Being a military spouse ain’t easy. Having a career ain’t easy. Add all three together, and let me tell you, the struggle is real. Now please don’t read this as a pity...

When You’re Sad to NOT Be Moving

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