Nicole Nowlin

Nicole is a Navy brat turned spouse residing in a small Navy town in Northern Virginia.  She is a ringleader and her personal circus stars one goofy clown Ryan and a trio of pretty monkeys: Kendall, Emerson, and Natalie. Her interests include playing with her brood, singing kitchen Karaoke, and patronizing restaurants with convenient drive thru windows. Nicole goes crazy often, but really wouldn't have it any other way.  

Lead with Love: Make the Call

Life’s trials can really test your courage and expressing that in writing can be difficult, too. It makes you all the more vulnerable, but oftentimes in a beautiful way. I tried to write about...

For the Love of Stuff: Making More of Having Less

I love stuff. Can you relate? I have been guilty of succumbing to “retail therapy” every now and again. When I lived alone, it was a hobby. When it was just me and my...

If My Daughters Decide to Serve

Thanks to our three daughters, my husband and I feel like we live in a pink world: a world filled with the musings of a certain British-accented porcine princess, fairies, ponies, and the like....