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Welcome to our newest series. In “Friday Favorites,” our team will share a handful of favorite items. These can range from clothes to beauty products to recipes to books and anything in between.

I love books. I always have. My first job in high school was working at a public library where I would sneak in as much reading as I could between shelving returned books and signing up kids for the summer reading program. My own kids can read independently now, but they still enjoy listening to me read aloud or tuning into an audio book.

All my children have different interests and range in ages and genders, but we have discovered several book series that they all really enjoy. 

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

We discovered The Chronicles of Narnia during the spring of 2020. I had read a couple of them as a kid myself but had never completed the entire series. So, I read out loud all the books to my kids, and we watched the corresponding Disney movies after reading three of them. One of my kids went back and re-read several of the books after we had finished them all. It was a great pandemic project, my four kids really identified with the four Pevensie children, and the books opened the door to many wonderful discussions at our house.

Star Wars Jedi Academy Series 

My daughter received one these books for Christmas, read it that day, and immediately asked for the rest of the series. She and her brothers love Star Wars so they were instant fans of these comic-style chapter books. Our set is now dog-eared from being read in the car, on camping trips, and in between baseball games. These are fun and fast stories that are filled with goofy Star Wars humor. Be prepared for Yoda jokes.

The Fudge series by Judy Blume

Who can resist the antics of Farley Drexel Hatcher? My kids absolutely loved this series. Our local library has the four original books, but we listened to all five this past spring (twice!!) on the library’s app. Judy Blume herself did the audio recording, and my kids decided the voice she uses for Fudge is just hilarious. She explained the newest book, Double Fudge, was written for her grandson as a request to continue the story of Fudge, Peter, and Sheila.

The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner

These books have become a staple in our house. My kids love the characters, the storylines, and the reoccurring themes. They typically leave our library with multiple books from this series. Thank goodness there are over 100 of them from which to chose. Just like the Narnia books, my four kids seem to connect with the four Alden children. If we listen to the audio version of a Boxcar book, there’s usually a competition among my four to figure out the mystery first.

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

This is our newest series, even though it isn’t new to the world! A friend of mine and fellow mom advised taking our time to read through them since the characters mature and the plots darken with each year at Hogwarts. We finished the Prisoner of Azkaban (both the book and movie) and are ready to move onto the Goblet of Fire.

My kids are enjoying the world of Harry Potter both in the story and in the films. Since these books are quite a bit longer (heavier!) than we are used to, I’m guessing it will take us until the end of the year to finish the series. 

What book series do your children enjoy? Or what series did you enjoy as a kid? Tell us in the comments!