The emotional roller coaster leading up to the goodbye; manning the day to day, day after day; the unexpected; and even prepping for the homecoming is a lot for anyone to endure. – Snippet from 18 Ways to Provide Support During a Deployment

Below you will find resources for pre-deployment, during, and homecoming for the spouse of the service member.

For more than 80 years USAA has been serving military personnel and their families.

The best time to prepare for deployment is before you receive your orders. Your legal, financial, and insurance details should be reviewed and updated ahead of time. This guide is designed to help you prepare but should not be taken as legal advice.

“Deployment is never easy. USAA does an excellent job in answering questions and providing deployment information to soldiers and their families. I am grateful that USAA is available when our soldiers prepare to deploy.“ – Army Lieutenant Colonel USAA Member since 1990

Deployment can be daunting from a financial perspective. This article provides advice on how to ready your finances for a deployment.

Every deployment is different. Use these tips to get started and to get yourself organized to ease any concerns about your changing situation.

Managing the unique challenges of military life can be daunting as a new spouse. USAA can help you navigate your new life in the military community.

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At Marco Polo, our purpose is to help people feel close.

That’s why we’re honored to be the video chat app that many service members and their families use to stay close when they are serving or living far from their families, friends, and communities.

In recognition of that service, we offer free Marco Polo Plus Passes to members of the military community.

Our core programmatic focus is on the resiliency of military families. Military life presents unique challenges for the family unit and each individual member. That’s why we provide experiences to help navigate military life amidst transfers, deployments, increased child care needs and financial burdens. Programs are offered at no or low cost and require no membership fees.

Arguably the best part of a deployment, HOMECOMING!

“Remember that readjusting to home life and work life is a process, not an event. As you reintegrate into your family, work and social environments, it makes sense to allow yourself and others the appropriate time and space. In so doing, you will probably find that in a few weeks everything is back to a comfortable pattern again.” – Homecoming Tips for Spouses and Troops

Additional Resources:

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To the New Military Spouse: I See You

“So new spouse, I see you. I know you. And I will support you. You may feel overwhelmed and stressed, but take it from me – you’ve got this. And if you do not, that is OK too. We all learn to survive and if I can offer you support in any way, I will. Just like the spouses did before me.” – Rachel Carpenter

Keeping the Spark During Deployment

“One last thing before we get into the fun stuff: check your mindset. If you think this deployment is going to be awful for your relationship and derail your sex life, then it will. If you think this time apart is an opportunity for you to get creative and connect in non-conventional ways, then it will be.” – Courtney Boyer

How to Break the Deployment Curse

“Often, when it comes to the Deployment Curse, laughter is the best medicine. A sense of humor goes a long way in breaking the curse. Laughing at the situation helps me deescalate how bad it seems.” – Lily Snyder

You Told Me You Were Deploying Today

“Once you took that oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America some 14 years ago, this has always been part of our lives. I didn’t know the real truth of the sacrifices that I was signing up for, but I deeply knew the sacrifice that you were signing up for.” – Michelle Saksa