The Military Mom Collective Guide to Deployment is a comprehensive guide for military service members and their families. We know that with each deployment comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. We are here to provide practical resources and encouragement.

You don’t have to tackle this alone. We are here for you.

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Preparing for Deployment doesn't fall just on the shoulders of the service member, but the entire family. Below you can find more resources for each member of your family:

Resources for pre-deployment, during, and homecoming for the spouse of the service member.

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Resources and helpful advice to prepare your children for deployment.

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Resources on communication, OPSEC & PERSEC for the extended family of the service member.

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There is Never Enough Time Before a Deployment

“You can always count on some tear-stained goodbyes, Murphy’s Law moments, and challenging times. For now, our kids will hug their Daddy Dolls and remember the fun we had over the summer and during our last few weeks before deployment. And hopefully, our deployment time will also pass before we know it.” – Alicia Manning

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18 Ways to Provide Support During a Deployment

“The emotional roller coaster leading up to the goodbye; manning the day to day, day after day; the unexpected; and even prepping for the homecoming is a lot for anyone to endure. Now add in a kid (or two or more) and possibly even a full-time job, and you find yourself precariously balancing on a point between that Pinterest mom who always seems to have it together and someone who is trying to bail out a sinking ship with a bucket full of holes.” – Christy Curtis

From Deployed to Debt Free

“Concurrently, we evaluated our lifestyle. We committed to living on one income, acknowledging we were in a season where this was realistic to our household, in preparation for our fast approaching transition to one income. We utilized the USAA free online budgeting tool, an actual life saver to tracking each dollar we saved versus spent! I made our final debt payment two weeks prior to my husband’s return to the United States. We bettered our financial future and provided a purpose for us to work towards, even when apart.” – AshLeigh Link


12 Things I Did While My Husband Was Deployed 12 Months

“A year is a truly daunting amount of time to be without your spouse. The kids were about to start the school year, so how would I fill my days and keep my sanity? Then I realized – could do whatever I wanted (of course, I would keep the children alive and not let things go completely wild at our house). I stopped and thought as I looked at the calendar: What do want to do this next year?” – Alexis Linehan