Introducing a unique travel guide designed by military moms, for moms! Packed with invaluable insights and battle-tested strategies, this guide is your trusted companion for navigating the challenges of traveling with kids.

Discover expert tips and tricks to make every journey smooth. Whether you're embarking on a family vacation or a relocation adventure, empower yourself with the knowledge and support of fellow military moms. Your ultimate travel ally awaits!

Visiting National Parks is free for current U.S. military members, including Reserve and National Guard members. America the Beautiful passes for military personnel can be obtained in person when entering federal recreation sites.

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My son next to one of many impressive Redwoods
Shelly Osborne

Travel is stressful for everyone. But with these car tips for traveling with kids, maybe you’ll be a little more at ease!

Join Maura, Taylor, and Nicki as we chat about traveling with our kids, tips and tricks for packing the car, and apps you may find useful during your travels.

Summer is notoriously famous for military family road trips, whether it be to summer camp, visiting grandma, over the river and through the woods, or as a vacation. Long hours in the car and new destinations mean that you want to be well-equipped to handle anything that may come your way.

A few of the resources & items discussed:
– Doodle Board
– Water Wow!
 Kid Travel Tray
– “The Family Road Trip Trivia Podcast.”

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Looking to keep your kiddos busy during a road trip? Thanks to our contributor Ellen, for building this wonderful printable to do just that!

Download The Road Trip Packet HERE

School’s (almost) out for summer! Bring on the sunscreen, sunnies, swimsuits, sticky watermelon fingers, and that beautiful summer sun!

Summer Fun
Airport with Kids

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Looking to get the kids involved in packing up for trip? Look no further, because our contributor Laura has created a wonderful printable designed to help your children get involved with the process. This printable can be easily customized and even has extra space for other personal items.

Download HERE

Solo traveling can be especially important for moms, offering a valuable opportunity for self-care and rejuvenation. Amidst the demands of motherhood, solo travel provides a precious chance to reclaim individual identity and reconnect with personal interests and aspirations. It allows moms to temporarily step away from their caregiving roles, replenishing mental and emotional reserves.


Additionally, solo travel fosters independence and self-confidence, qualities that can positively impact both mothers and their families upon return. By embarking on solo adventures, moms can gain fresh perspectives, rediscover their strengths, and ultimately return home with renewed energy and a deeper sense of fulfillment.