Two pediatricians video-conferencing with a sick child

With COVID-19 rampant worldwide, many clinics and pediatricians are no longer seeing sick patients. But what about when your child is sick and needs to see a doctor? What about when you have questions – who do you ask? What do you do when your child needs pediatric care unrelated to the coronavirus, but you’re afraid what germs you will all pick up by entering a health care facility? With social distancing measures in place, who can watch your healthy kids while you seek medical advice about your sick kids? 

XpertCare is your solution. 

XpertCare is a digital pediatric clinic that connects you with a board-certified pediatrician via video-chat. Best part? XpertCare is in-network and covered by TriCare Prime – no referral needed! Even if you are TriCare Select, they are currently waiving all co-pays in light of the hardships associated with COVID-19. That equates to NO out of pocket expense for TriCare beneficiaries! 

Is there a difference between the Nurse Advice Line and XpertCare?


The Nurse Advice Line provided to all TriCare beneficiaries can only give you advice. However, XpertCare can give advice, diagnose, treat, and even call in prescriptions for your child too. Whatever they can see, they can treat! 

In addition to real-time video consultations with a Board-Certified Pediatrician, parents also have access to Pediatric Subspecialists such as Child Psychiatrists, Pediatric Allergists, Pediatric Orthopedic Physicians, Pediatric Endocrinologists, Pediatric Gastroenterologists, and Pediatric Developmental Specialists for consultations within 48 hours.

XpertCare can help diagnose and treat a range of health issues including flu, colds, fever, rashes, asthma, allergies, conjunctivitis, burns, rashes, ear infections, strep throat, tonsillitis, newborn care, recurrent infections, and so much more. 

Who is XpertCare?

Dr. Lisa Di Enno is the medical director of XpertCare Digital Clinic and a Navy veteran. “Dr. Di Enno is a board-certified general pediatrician with over five years of clinical experience caring for our nation’s littlest heroes – the children of our military’s active-duty personnel. Her time in the Navy has been spent attending deliveries of both well and critically ill babies, providing routine well-care and acute visits for kids of all ages, assisting the ER with emergency consultations, and mentoring trainees at all levels of medical education.”

As a mom herself, Dr. Di Enno knows the stress when our children are sick. She is caring, committed, and not your average urgent care pediatrician! Dr. Di Enno enjoys following-up with her families, and often sees the same families repeatedly for many of their pediatric concerns. 

Speak with Dr. Di Enno TODAY!

To make an appointment, simply text

MMB-I need an appointment with XpertCare”

to (760) 696-0601

**currently only available to residents of CA**


Why use XpertCare when my military clinic has pediatricians and pediatric urgent care facilities? 

Is there a better reason than still receiving the same great level of care while NOT leaving your couch? Plus, many clinics and military hospitals are only taking certain patients or certain cases at this time. And some military treatment facilities are closed right now! The Naval Hospital in Twentynine Palms is encouraging patients to utilize XpertCare. Even the CDC recommends clinics and patients utilize telemedicine. Whereas there are many telemedicine options out there, XpertCare is the only pediatric-focused digital clinic that is in-network and covered by TriCare Prime. 

Who can utilize XpertCare?

XpertCare is not only in-network with TriCare, but also works with UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, and Cigna too. Currently XpertCare is only available for residents of California, but they are working on becoming available in more states this year. 

What does XpertCare say about COVID-19?

Watch this interview between our co-owner, Amie, and Dr. Lisa Di Enno for more information about the Corona Virus! 

Q&A with Dr. Lisa Di Enno

With so much medical misinformation out there, Dr. Lisa Di Enno answers all your family's health questions! Do you have sick children but not sure where to seek medical advice right now? XpertCare is a full-service, pediatric, digital clinic and in-network with TriCare Prime in California – no referral needed! It's even recommended by Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms as a pediatric care alternative!👉Book a virtual appointment today with Dr. Di Enno by texting 🩺"MMB-I need an appointment with Xpertcare" to📲(760) 696-0601 Dr. Lisa Di Enno is a Navy veteran and board-certified general pediatrician. She has cared for military children her whole career, and is now the Chief Medical Officer at XpertCare.

Posted by Military Moms Blog on Friday, March 20, 2020

So, next time your child is sick, has a rash, allergy, infection, or you have a newborn question, don’t ask the local mom’s page for opinions…

Call XpertCare for treatment. 

Speak with Dr. Di Enno TODAY!

 To make an appointment, simply text

MMB-I need an appointment with XpertCare”

to (760) 696-0601

**currently only available to residents of CA**

XpertCare Pediatric Digital Clinic
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