person standing on scale
Photo by i yunmai on Unsplash

It sounds catchy: the Quarantine 15.

In case you haven’t been on social media way too much lately (like I have), the Quarantine 15 refers to the 15 pounds that people are gaining as a result of staying home to observe social distancing measures designed to help prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19.

Before the quarantine, I was always moving: getting my children to where they need to go, bustling around the classroom where I teach middle school, hustling to the gym and the grocery store, carrying the laundry up the steps, etc. I got in my 10,000 steps every single day. No problem. At the end of the day, my feet were tired. I was tired.

Now, here I am in my house that I have not left for more than quick trips to the grocery store in 2 months. I have sort of been exercising, but not as hard as I would at the gym. I have mostly been careful about what I eat. But I’ve also baked plenty of cookies with my kids. As for that step count…I am not even close to 10,000 steps per day.

Summer is fast approaching, and today I squeezed into my bathing suit and swam with my kids in our backyard pool. I caught a glimpse of myself in my bathroom mirror before rushing out with beach towels. It wasn’t what I thought my body would look like this summer.

This isn’t what I thought my life would look like either.

But I still love this body of mine:

two women in swimwear sitting on bed promoting positive body image
Photo by Billie on Unsplash

This body helped flatten the curve and hopefully helped save some lives.

This body worked all day helping children with school work and then late into the night grading and emailing for teaching.

This body snuggled in for movies on the couch.

This body has allowed me to care for my children while my husband is away.

This body played baseball with my middle son, practiced yoga with my daughter, and set up board games with my youngest.

This body has helped me smile and be strong even when I have felt tremendous worry.

This body has helped my children be brave. I was calm and so were they.

As my children splashed and climbed all over me, I realized that this body is pretty great the way it is. It has served me well. And even if it isn’t in tip-top shape at the moment, this body of mine deserves some sunshine.

Let’s all give ourselves some grace and just be thankful for the gift of a healthy body this year.

Don’t worry about the Quarantine 15. There is enough to worry about. Just put that bathing suit on and allow your miraculous body to bask in the light. It deserves to feel special.