Friday Favorites: The Best (Char)COAL Stocking Stuffers

smoldering charcoal briquets
smoldering charcoal briquets

Welcome to Friday Favorites. In this series, our team will share a handful of favorite items. These can range from clothes to beauty products to recipes to books and anything in between.

Charcoal seems to be quite the rage these days. When I was little, I only remember seeing it in a large bag sitting next to the grill. Now, you can find it in everything from cleaning products to beauty products, even in food! It is almost comical. I took it upon myself to review several products and am here to share my five favorite charcoal products with you.


A friend introduced me to a charcoal face bar several years ago, and I haven’t looked back. Not only does it smell amazing, but my sensitive skin has never felt better. It is great on several types of skin and can help to detox skin and with a variety of skin problems. My soccer-playing tween has added it to her nightly routine as well.


Who doesn’t want sparkling white teeth? Another great use of charcoal is for whitening teeth. This toothpaste can polish and clean, whiten, remove surface stains, and freshen breath. Hello is vegan and fluoride-free. Try the charcoal floss while you are at it!


Did you know that charcoal is commonly used as a digestive aid? These are great for belly aches, bloating, and other digestive issues. There are several options out there, but this one is budget-friendly and has worked for our family.


It is possible I need to add a disclaimer to this one. It works, is natural, and smells great. But I am not sure it actually has charcoal in it. I just love the charcoal scented deodorant from Native. My tween daughter uses it as well and loves it too. There are deodorants made with it but since I haven’t tried any, I didn’t want to make a recommendation. Here is a great review if you are looking for a natural deodorant.

Cheshire Cheese Company

This charcoal cheese is unbelievable, and you should trust me because I consider myself to be an amateur cheese connoisseur. A mature cheddar is blended with activated charcoal. The result is a black cheese with a surprisingly creamy taste. Yum!

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