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The southern Mojave Desert doesn’t experience spring in ways that are traditional to other regions of the United States.

Aside from the gorgeous flowers that sometimes bloom on mature Joshua Trees, signs of spring aren’t all that obvious here. But a surefire sign of spring here (and maybe where you are, too) is the return of seasonal allergies. My eyes have been puffy and crusty in the morning, and my face has felt kneaded in every direction.

Some days have been rough, but there’s been some changes I’ve made and things I’ve bought that have really improved things for the better. I’d love to share them with you here.

Air Purifier

I added the Holmes True HEPA 360 Air Purifier to one of my recent Walmart grocery pickup orders, and it’s been such a little blessing to our front living area. We usually keep it on a stand to the side of the television, but it’s compact enough to tuck it where needed. My rate of sneezing has significantly gone down and though this little machine does not actually have a cooling element, the air it circulates adds a coolness to our little front area.

Physicians Formula Eye De-Puffer

I don’t use the roller on a daily basis, but it provides relief at key points in the day. I apply when I wake up with slightly swollen eyelids and heavier than usual bags. I also use it before I go outside to watch the kids if it’s been a day heavy with allergy symptoms. The formula is light, and it actually smooths the skin quite nicely, making a nice palate if you decide to add some powder that day.

Swiffer Sweeper Dry + Wet

Oh, how I love this handy contraption! Our crevice of the Mojave is notorious for the fine sand that layers your surfaces even when your doors and windows are closed. You can dust in the morning and find a new layer of film that afternoon. I love this sweeper’s throw away dry cloths because of how efficiently it gathers all the gunk that collects beneath bulky furniture pieces. It’s a noticeable difference, and that’s something I greatly appreciate when I clean.

Vacuum with Good Suction

I recently swapped our “on a budget” vacuum for one by BISSELL. We don’t have pets, but I purchased a vacuum from their “pet line” in hopes that one powerful enough to suck up dog hair would be powerful enough to trap the everyday (and everything coming in from outside). Our previous vacuum would expel dust while in use, essentially adding to the problem; our new one has picked up the slack and provided noticeable results.

Avoid The Outdoors

I generally stay inside when it’s windy. My allergies peak when I’m outside with everything the wind is stirring up, and I’d just rather not. I tell the kids we’ll go out later or the next day when the wind has subsided. Not something I want to do forever, but it helps for now.

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Jeannette is a mom of three ages eight and under and wife to a Marine Corps EOD tech. They’ve been married twelve years and they’re back in Jeannette’s home state for what might be their last duty station. Her husband has served twenty-three years and a lot of their conversations involve what may be next. Jeannette can usually be seen stifling a yawn and so she follows a very predictable coffee drinking schedule of 7 a.m., 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. In her free time she likes to read, jot down her thoughts and make lists and get her steps doing YouTube exercise videos whenever time allows. Jeannette recently celebrated a year with the Military Mom Collective.


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