How To Rehab Your Winter Skin

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“Yikes!” I thought as I looked down at my red, cracked hands on the steering wheel the other day. After hand washing, diaper changing, hand sanitizing, dishwashing, giving baths, cleaning, and the relentless dry heat of the winter months, my hands look about four times as old as they really are. 

I sincerely doubt I am alone in this plight as the colder months typically are not the kindest on anyone’s skin.

That’s why as spring is within our grasp, I’d like to share a few products that I think can truly relieve your dermal dilemmas. Any beauty expert or dermatologist will tell you moisturizing is key, especially as your skin ages so check out these suggestions to rehab your winter skin woes!

woman laying with a towel on her head receiving a facial in a spa setting
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Body Scrub

Before slathering on any moisturizer, it’s recommended that you exfoliate that dry, dead skin. This gives your body the best chance at soaking up the lotion, body oil, or cream you prefer. I really like this cost-effective option from Dove that comes in a variety of scents and is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Another personal fav of mine is the Milk + Honey Sugar Scrub  from Lillie & Pine.


Not just for your kiddo’s eczema, Aquafor is by far the most recommended emollient – moisturizing products that cover the skin with a protective film to trap in moisture – and is prescribed for managing dry, itchy, or scaly skin. If you are allergic to lanolin, steer clear and opt for Vaseline. Both offer the protection and moisture that dry skin craves and can be used on the face, hands, pretty much anywhere you have dry, cracked skin.

Pro tip: slather on your hands before bed and slip on some of these cotton gloves you can purchase on Amazon to see dramatic changes in no time!

Eye Cream

The most delicate skin on your face is the area around your eyes. Whether you are looking to just add hydration or want to reduce your dark circles or puffiness, there are so many eye creams and gels out there to try. Ideally, you should apply this after cleansing in the morning and night; but if I’m being honest, I usually only remember this step at night. That’s why I choose an ultra hydrating option like Neutrogena’s fragrance free Hyrdo Boost gel eye cream or L’Oreal’s Revitalift Hydrating eye serum, both of which feature hyaluronic acid and a budget-friendly price tag.  

Foot Balm

If my hands are the frontrunner for dry skin, my heels are a very close second. But this Lillie & Pine Foot Balm is quite possibly magic when it comes to healing my dry skin. I was first introduced to this women owned, small business by our very own Military Mom Collective’s co-owner, Rachel. I love all the products I have tried, but the foot balm won my heart. They also offer a version designed just for men, so you don’t have to share your stick with your favorite guy. 

Bonus Recs

For a few splurge-worthy products, I highly recommend Clinique’s Moisture Surge 100H auto-replenishing hydroator. My face feels as smooth as a baby’s bum after using it nightly. I also like to protect my highlights and prevent frizz from the dry heat with R+Co’s High Dive Moisture and Shine Creme.