Wear The Fun Socks: Learning to Slow Down and Enjoy the Small Things

pink and yellow socks to enjoy the small things

Everyone seemed to be so excited when Disney Plus came out. And by everyone, I meant adults everywhere. People counted down days until its arrival; some even took the day off work! There were so many memes that came out that were very funny and very accurate.

I saw one meme that said something like this: “You think you are very excited about Disney Plus, but you really just haven’t been happy since you were 11.” I think there is a lot of truth in that.

I always tell people that most of us were our truest selves in kindergarten. Then life started happening.

Life is busy and stressful. As a mom I don’t think there is a word that truly captures just how busy life is. We become wholly immersed in taking care of the house, the kids, our careers, budgets, commitments, etc. It’s hard not to lose a part of who we are in all the busyness. 

A few years ago I realized that life was too busy and my mind was always focused on others, mainly the kids, and I wanted something for me. I decided my kids would have a season of not being involved in anything, and I was going to sign myself up for some of the fun things, big or small.

I love sports and have always been the happiest when part of a team. The base we lived at had a women’s soccer and softball league that ran for a season. I joined both with friends.

It was the most freeing experience. I felt better than I had in years! Playing on a team and with friends made me feel like a giggly kid again. It felt so good. It was the best self-care I could have ever done for myself. It was such a small thing but I really enjoyed it.

And then we moved and life got crazy busy again.

I began working full-time, and the hours left me with no time for social life and definitely no time for team sports. We so easily slid back into that busy life.

In the midst of this crazy busy life, a package arrived one day for my daughter.

She received a fun gift bag full of things from my mother-in-law. In that bag were a few fun socks for her and also some fun socks for me. Socks of different colors and with sharks on them. I am always happy to receive any type of gift.

I didn’t realize how much joy some fun socks would bring me.

silly socks enjoy the small thingsFirst of all, just sliding my shark sock feet into my boots brought me joy. It put a smile on my face. And whether I was wearing boots that covered the socks or flats that put them on full display, I felt joy wearing them. When I came home from work and took my shoes off, another smile.

How could something like socks bring me joy and actually help me de-stress?

I may not have an exact answer to that question, but the fact is that it did. These simple socks with sharks on them made me smile. For the moments that I saw them or even remembered I had them on, I felt like a kid again. Maybe not exactly like a kid, but I felt a little freer. Free from the feeling of stress from everyday responsibilities. Free to be a little silly. Free to simply enjoy the small things.

So, I encourage all fellow moms to get the fun socks; get some of your adult friends together and play catch; watch your favorite Disney movie and feel all the feels.

Let that kindergartner in you come out every once in awhile in all her sparkly, tutu, rain boots, mix-matched, Crayola marker covered glory!  

Find time to freely enjoy the small things. You deserve it, and you need it.



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Brandee was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. She has two boys and a girl. Brandee’s husband is in the Navy, and they have been stationed in Pensacola, Florida, twice in Meridian Mississippi, Yokosuka Japan, twice in Lemoore, California, and they are currently stationed in Washington D.C. She earned a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Brandee loves writing and started her personal blog one year ago. Brandee is currently a counselor helping teens, adults, couples and families.


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