With Valentine’s Day approaching, many of us may be brainstorming ways to spend it with that special someone. Maybe you’re thinking a trip to the movies followed by dinner at a fancy restaurant? Ya know? The usual. 

Well forget it! Why not try something new this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’ve been with your significant other for a few months or a few decades, it’s nice to change things up.

Here is a list of some exciting alternatives to date nights that my husband and I have either tried (and loved) or are looking forward to trying in the near future!

8 Date Night Alternatives

1. Bon Appetit! Take a Cooking class.

It’s fun. Sometimes there is wine included. And you will learn something new to try at home for the next time you’re feeling super bored with cooking.

2. Find your inner child at the arcade! 

You can’t go wrong here! Grab any spare change you can find and hit the local arcade. It’s nice to be able to let loose with some friendly competition. 

3. Get thrifty and buy each other an outfit. 

Head on over to your local thrift store! You may have seen this one circling around on social media not too long ago. The idea is that you each get a limited amount of money (say $5-10). Then you get to pick out and purchase an outfit (preferably the most ridiculous one you can find). Once the outfits are picked out and paid for, you can take the date a hilarious step further and go out to dinner wearing them! Nothing better to keep things spiced up than to be embarrassed together!

4. Go to Target and buy each other a present! (There’s a twist…)

(Or Walmart, Kmart, etc.) Don’t get too excited yet ladies! There is a SPENDING LIMIT. You have 15 minutes to find and buy a gift for your partner using only $5! The present can be romantic, hilarious, practical, or ridiculous. The sky is the limit … as long as that limit is $5 or less, of course.

5. Get tipsy the fancy way.

Just kidding … well sort of. What I mean is that you go to a wine and beer tasting! You can typically find a place that offers free tastings one day out of the week. In our experience, these places usually have great food on the premises as well. Find a wine you like best and buy a bottle for a nightcap together at home (or save it for next Valentine’s Day!).

6. Have some laughs at a comedy club!

If you’re fortunate enough to have a comedy club near you then please take advantage. This is a favorite of ours. It costs about as much as a night out at the movies but is so much more entertaining! From the atmosphere to the drinks to the act itself, you will both be talking about the night for weeks to come! 

7. Go outside.

Go hiking, kayaking, or on a picnic. Take advantage of any sort of outdoor activities near you. One of the first dates my husband and I ever went on was to the marina on base. We made boats out of tinfoil and then raced them. It was so simple and didn’t cost much. We had such a blast together. 

8. GO BIG!

I’m talking sky diving, race car driving, or flying lessons. Whatever daunting thing that has been sitting there on your bucket list … now is the time to do it! Doing this with someone you love will make it a little less scary and make for an experience you’ll never forget!

So What Is It Gonna Be?

Whether you’re looking for some simple and affordable fun or a life-changing experience, Valentine’s Day is yours to command. Nobody ever said date nights had to be limited to the same old dinner and a movie. 

Get creative, get goofy, or get out of your comfort zone while enjoying one another. Don’t let the pressure of a perfect evening out get to you. Do something fun where you can share new experiences and make new memories together. 

And remember to just love one another and enjoy each other. Because that’s really what it’s all about!

What are some of your favorite date night alternatives? Don’t have a sitter or the time to go OUT? Then check out our Date Night In ideas!