Every Mom Has A Type She Is Attracted To: Here’s Mine … and Probably Yours, Too!

Perfect man is a family man

Ever taken one of those quizzes you see posted on Facebook? Many times I pass them by thinking they are nothing more than a way for someone to hack into my personal information or a way for someone to somehow decipher my passwords based on my answers. 

quiz attractive man type chris hemsworth ryan and bradley cooperI’m pretty selective about the random things I click on (OPSEC, thanks AFN commercials!), but there was one that recently caught my attention. Maybe it was the photo in the advert or the fact that I have enjoyed taking quizzes since I picked up my first Cosmo (or Teen Beat), regardless, I was curious.

Plus, the words “trust us” in the description confirmed it was totally legit, so I decided to give it a go. The quiz was titled, “Everyone Has A Type of Man They’re Attracted To – Here’s Yours.” Now, as a married woman, I don’t really need to know my type. I don’t even think I have a “type.” I’ve got the one and only I need. Nevertheless, I clicked “Let’s play!” to remind myself of the things about my husband that drew me to him. 

Could this oracle really have all the answers?

The description before the quiz stated, “We are all attracted to different kinds of guys, and sometimes it can be due to the craziest of reasons. From the small things they do to their hair, their smile, or simply the way they walk, there are many reasons as to why we would fall for someone.” It also said, “There tends to be a similarity in the type of man we find appealing and it may be that we are attracted to a specific quality or trait.”

So what trait is it? What is that one trait I found irresistible in my significant other?

Chris Evans and Dodger

Fourteen questions with photos followed. I won’t go through them all in this post, but if you’d like to play, too, click here. The most challenging question for me was to “Pick a Chris.” Seriously?! How could one possibly choose between Christ Pratt, Evans, Hemsworth, Pine and the Chris from Coldplay. That’s not really a fair question, now is it? 

Moving on, I came across one of the most interesting questions I’d not given much thought about before: “Pick your favorite accessory on a guy: bracelets, necklace, belt, cufflinks or bow tie.” This was easy for me. A belt of course! I like a “smart casual” guy.

Another one: Pick from freckles, dimples, piercings, tattoos, or braces. Really? Braces? Didn’t know people were attracted to that sort of thing. Are people attracted to acne, too? I picked dimples. My husband doesn’t have dimples, but he doesn’t have piercings, tattoos or braces either. Freckles are cute, too, though!

Ultimately, I made all my selections to the random and completely indulgent quiz questions.

My Results: Family Man

Family man por

The description read “You like it when guys value time with their family and choose to put family above all else. You like a man that is filial to his parents, good with kids and just someone who values spending time with loved ones!”

Of course I’m attracted to a family man!

As if there were any doubt. My guy has always gotten along with his siblings and valued his parents. Easy-going but ambitious, he knows the importance of balancing work with play. All of those things are desirable qualities. He has since become a wonderful family man as a husband and father. He helps around the house and with the kids’ activities. He provides for our wants and our needs, and I do find that alluring. I’m pretty sure that every mom out there is attracted to the “family man,” too!

So thanks quiz for telling me something completely obvious. But perhaps it was a good reminder of just how great I have it. Do you have a fun and frivolous quiz to share?