5 Sweaters to Liven Up Your Wardrobe … Because It’s STILL Sweater Weather


The weather outside is still frightful, and, honestly, so is the state of my closet. I have a deep love of sweaters. Turtleneck, oversize, colorful … I love them all! But my closet is a mess —  sweaters are pilling up, and lately, I am realizing that the more sweaters I possess, the less my style is focused, and I am not always achieving my best look.

When I help friends organize their closets, I am really good at telling them to limit their options in order to only have pieces that, no matter what, will transform them into a 10. More options do not mean better results. Period.

So now I’m trying to take my own advice by cleaning house.

Here are the 5 sweaters you need this winter to complete any look.

If you are missing any of these sweaters, sales are at their best right now, so I will leave some links to sweaters for inspiration.

1. Black turtleneck

Easy, simple … you need one! It’s a no-brainer. You can wear it alone with jeans, pants and skirts, but you also can layer with it! This is why it is a much needed piece. Put it under a dress or a blazer, and it can give you a Jackie O, sophisticated vibe and much needed warmth on those cold days.

Some inspiration: A black turtleneck from H&M and a striped turtleneck from Gap.


2. Cardigan

Nothing is better than a soft cardigan to wrap yourself in when the temperature drops. Look for one long enough that will give you versatility. A long, mid-weight will carry you from September to May. In September, you can wear it as a jacket over trousers, and in January, you can belt it into a fun dress.

Some inspiration: A long cardigan from Nordstrom.


Sweater 1

3. Classic-Cut Sweater

What does it look like? It has round neck or V-neck (if you have a bigger chest) with a straight cut. Some would say it is a boring sweater … but I disagree. It is the basic sweater you need when you want your accessories to shine. It also can add an extra layer of warmth. To change it up, try it under a cardigan or over a shirt with a white collar popping out. You can’t go wrong with a classic sweater — this includes a colorful one to add pop or a striped one. Want luxury? Maybe the one sweater you want to invest in is cashmere because it will be timeless.

Some inspiration: Classic striped sweater from Gap and a navy cashmere from Asos.com.


4. Trendy or Sexy Sweater

OK, basics are great, but we all need to live a little right? Make sure to have one sweater that has a fun twist, a little oohlala! This is the sweater you reach for when you have a party, but it is too cold for anything else! Think about a cold shoulder style that are all the rage right now. Personally, I like an off-the-shoulder. Don’t wanna show too much skin? How about a sparkly sweater?

Some inspiration: A slouchy knit from Stella & Dot and a sexy cowl neck from Nordstrom Rack.

sweater 2
must-have shoes 3

5. Oversized

This is the sweater you want to wear every day. Oversized can be intimidating because nobody wants to look like a Michelin Man walking down the street. When your choose this style, look for one that flatters your body, covers your bum and is so soft. Of course, if you wear an oversized sweater, you must keep the bottom streamline. You cannot pair this sweater with boot cut jeans. Skinny jeans or thick leggings work best. 

Some inspiration: Oversized sweater from Zara. It’s a little on the short side, but only $12.99! A longer oversized sweater, also from Zara.


So go ahead and clean your closet, and if you are not a hoarder like me, enjoy the sales and go get these key pieces.
Hope you are staying warm … spring is coming soon, I promise!!!


Martine Leveillee is a mama of three, fitness seeker, military wife, and learner of new languages who is currently living abroad.

She also works as a stylist for Stella & Dot and loves styling and organizing closets.