Educate a Girl, Empower a Nation: Behind the Scenes with Luna Blu Mar


Luna Blu Mar is a lifestyle boutique for women, kids, and babies that was founded by sisters Melody Parry Jones and Lindsey Parry.

Luna Blu Mar’s mission is not a small one, but to Melody and Lindsey (and our team at Military Moms Blog), it’s the most important mission of all: to empower women and kids around the world.

Melody and Lindsey work toward this mission with the messaging of Luna Blu Mar’s adorable products — a few of our favorites are the toddler, youth and women’s tees featuring the messages: “Kind is the New Black,” “Girls Hold up Half The Sky,” and “I Believe in You.”

What is really amazing about Luna Blu Mar, though, is its genuine Giveback Program, which couldn’t be closer to Melody and Lindsey’s hearts.

The sisters spent their youth as military brats in the Republic of Panama. When the two got older and their time in Panama was years behind them, they couldn’t shake their love for the country and its people, particularly its indigenous women.

In 2011, Lindsey packed up her life into two 50 pound suitcases and moved back to the Republic of Panama. There, she started teaching classes at a local orphanage while also spending countless hours teaching a group of indigenous women how to sew. Ultimately, her work became the educational nonproft Sowing Seeds of Love, which now creates educational scholarships and opportunities to more than 100 indigenous girls every year by providing the necessities to attend The National School. 

A portion of all profits from Luna Blu Mar products goes to Sowing Seeds of Love.

Through Sowing Seeds of Love, Lindsey, along with the women she taught to sew, started 4Love Clothing, which is a fair trade shop where these women can sell the beautiful clothing they create. The indigenous women from 4Love Clothing also have donated more than 300 handmade bibs to orphanages in Panama and Syria. Most recently, the women started to teach young mothers at a local orphanage how to sew.  

Lindsey and Melody truly believe that the future is female and that when you educate and empower a girl, a nation is changed.

“It is a beautiful cycle, and we hope you’ll join the movement,” said Melody.

I had the privilege of catching up with Melody and Lindsey to chat more about their company, where they get their inspiration, and how they balance it all (including working with each other!), catch our interview here!

When did you first come up with the idea of Luna Blu Mar?

When Melody’s daughter was born, we searched for a bib that was functional without sacrificing fashion. We didn’t want to cover up Coco’s pretty outfits, but she needed something. At the same time, Lindsey realized a need for baby bibs in Panama, especially at orphanages and within the indigenous population. When we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to make our own. Our final product is a bib that is an extension of your babies clothing, not a boring add-on.

We love your woman and girl empowerment messages. Who comes up with your messaging and designs? 

We love collaborating as sisters and brainstorming new messages and designs. We will text and call each other throughout the week with new ideas. We have fun bouncing around new phrases and product offerings. We work closely with designers to bring our creations to life.

Do you think growing up in a military family has impacted the way you view the world?

Absolutely! From a young age, our parents instilled the values of giving back, volunteering, and investing in others. This was very clear when working with and visiting the indigenous tribes in Panama. Now as adults, we continue to hold these values close to our hearts both in our neighborhoods and globally.

Tell us more about your Giveback Program.

Luna Blu Mar is passionate about educating and empowering women and girls around the world. From volunteer projects in our neighborhood to mission trips in developing countries, we see a need that must be addressed. Often times, families can’t afford to send their kids to school, and girls are always the last to attend. That’s why Luna Blu Mar is committed to making education a priority.

A portion of all profits goes to providing educational opportunities for girls in the United States and around the world. We have partnered with our educational nonprofit, Sowing Seeds of Love, to collect and distribute educational funds. If you know of a girl who could use the gift of education, please send us an email to [email protected].

Why Panama as your country to have your nonprofit Sowing Seeds of Love

When we were kids, our father was stationed at Ft. Clayton, Panama. We loved the Panama lifestyle – beaches, jungle animals, sunshine, and military life. Years later, as an adult, Lindsey felt a calling from God to start an educational nonprofit in a developing country where indigenous women and kids could be empowered and loved. After nudges from God and open opportunities, Panama was an obvious choice to start Sowing Seeds of Love. Seven years later, it’s still fun to be back in the same country as when we were kids.

I feel like working with my own sister would both be the dream and maybe a disaster! How has it been for you two as sisters working together?  Are there different strengths that you are both able to bring to the table? 

Mostly, it’s been a dreamy, fun adventure. Lindsey has extensive experience with manufacturing, product sourcing, and wholesale, while Melody brings motherhood experiences, social media, and writing skills to the table. Our strengths and weaknesses truly compliment each other. Reflecting on our time as business partners, we fully support each other and lift each other up.

What’s been the most surprising part about owning a business? 

Melody is a full-time mom and Lindsey has a full-time job, so there’s never enough time in the day to do it all. We both wish we could commit more time and resources to growing our brand, and that’s a big goal for 2018. Luna Blu Mar is our labor of love, and we want to see it grow and have a positive impact on the world through our messaging and giveback program.

We hope our story encourages and inspires others to go after their dreams, even when time is a limiting factor.

Melody, as a mom who mostly works from home, do you have any tips for balancing work and kids?

I’m a SAHM with three young kids (4 and under) and try to run Luna Blu Mar in my “free” time and on Tuesdays (when I have an all-day babysitter). I wish I had tips for balancing it all, but as the kids outgrow naps/have different schedules, it’s becoming increasingly harder to manage it all. I sneak in emails when I can and work in the evening when I have the chance. Thankfully, I can do social media from my phone.

Which of your products are you most excited about right now? 

We are most excited about our collection of women and kids tees! Our mission is to empower women and kids to be change makers by changing the conversation. Each tee has a powerful message that encourages, empowers, and believes in humankind. We hope you join the movement and help us create a ripple effect of change.

Military Moms Blog is thrilled to partner with Luna Blu Mar. This is a sponsored post.
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