I Have Commitment Issues


It’s that time of year when everyone is focused on self care and what they can do to be a better version of themselves in 2019. Every year I make the same “resolution” or promise to myself.

Every year I have lofty aspirations  of finally committing.

Yet, we are here two months in, and I still have gray hair. I’m here to tell you all about my commitment issues that I have with my hairdresser. 

It started roughly ten years ago. Remember when you used to go to the hairdresser and it would be a fun experience? What color am I going to get today? Maybe I will try red or maybe I will finally get some blonde streaks in my gorgeous, naturally brunette hair. You would drop a cool $100 and two hours of your precious time, because heck it was easy to do and fun to experiment.

But most importantly, you didn’t NEED to do it. 

Long gone are those days, friends. Now I look in the mirror and all I see is how I HAVE to go the beauty salon. Experimenting is no longer a fun game, it’s a necessity.

I ask the same question every time. What color can you add to my hair to make it so I can go 3 months between these much anticipated visits?

Her answer is always a bit of a chuckle and something like, “nothing will do that honey!”

This is not a personal thing. Far from it, actually. One of my best friends is a barber and I LOVE talking to him and visiting him. Heck, I don’t even mind taking my 6-year-old for a haircut, it is purely a “me not you” situation.  

It’s not so much the money. I mean of course I would much rather spend that money on something else, don’t get me wrong. I have tried home dyes and honestly I’m just as hesitant to commit to those, too.

Per dictionary.com, commitment is defined as, “an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.” I could not have said it better myself.

Freedom of action to do literally anything else with my 2+ hours of precious time. When I have two hours of alone time, I want to read or sit quietly. Not make small talk and pretend that I am going to magically start caring about my hair this time round. 

I have heard of the rare breed of woman who actually loves to go to the hairdresser. More power to her. Clearly she doesn’t have the same commitment issues I have; maybe she can’t commit to her “eyelash lady.” Side note here, that appointment, my friends, is something that I have no issue with. It’s an hour and a half nap on a comfortable bed-like apparatus while I listen to my guilty pleasure, true crime podcasts. Sign me up for those every other week, no problem there.

Don’t even get me started on the fact that every few years I have to go through the painful process of finding a new hairdresser. Literally the worst part of PCS’ing. Am I right? 

Will she judge me for wearing my hair in a pony 98% of the time?

Will she truly understand that I’m a wash and air dry gal? Doe she take new clients on Saturdays? Because guess what, I don’t want to pay for a babysitter to go get my hair done. I would rather use my built-in babysitter (AKA their Dad) who works Monday through Friday and never knows when he will be home from work.

Commitment Issues, Hairdresser, Salon

So, here I am, deep in my commitment issue and once again looking in the mirror while seeing the clear evidence in front of me. I need an appointment. There goes my next Saturday afternoon and my lifelong ambition of actually committing and loving these bi-monthly appointments.

I may have commitment issues, but I also have some dignity, and let’s just say that gray hair mixed with postpartum regrowth is not for the scared or faint of heart.

Here’s to another year of fighting the good fight and making those bi-monthly (OK, fine maybe every three month) appointments!