Lillie + Pine: Making You Smile This Valentine’s Day!

Lillie +Pine Valentine's products on pink background

I love receiving personal mail. Letters, postcards, packages…so long as it is not a dreaded bill, I get a thrill opening up something sent just to me.

Partner logo Lillie & PineAnd Lillie + Pine packages are easily my favorite to receive and open.

The box is always packaged with care and personal touches such as themed tissue paper and a thank you note from the owners. You can smell their products before you tear into the tape but once that box is open, those scents hit your nose and instantly make you smile. I always do a little happy dance when I see their logo on a package.

It’s no wonder that Lillie + Pine’s themed line for Valentine’s Day is “You Make Me Smile.” They have been doing that for their customers since the beginning.

From a Hobby to a Mother-Daughter Business

Katy Miller of Lillie + PineKaty Miller, founder and co-owner of Lillie + Pine, famously started her company with a $100 gift and a recipe for homemade sugar scrub from her mother-in-law. She was told to do something fun with the money, but it was the recipe that piqued Katy’s interest. She was pleased with the results from an all-natural, plant-based skincare product and began researching more recipes to try at home.

Thus, a project grew into a family business.

She named the business after the two streets she grew up on. She started Lillie + Pine in 2017 in her kitchen. Her first product testers and developers were her husband and parents. Her brother assisted with finding natural resources for products and packaging. The business launched with an Etsy page, a simple product line, and plenty of grit and hard work – and it flourished.

The business expanded quickly and soon outpaced the confines of her kitchen. As Katy says, 

We had been married less than a year when I said, ‘Honey, I accidentally started a business in our home.’

Kathy Anderson of Lillie + PineAnd while it was a family business from the beginning, it officially grew into a mother-daughter team in 2018. Kathy Anderson, Katy’s mother, shirked retirement and became her official business partner. Kathy is an expert in organization and management. She and Katy both learn from one another and love operating the business as a team.

Since then, Lillie + Pine has moved operations to an airy (and heavenly scented) studio in Moline, Illinois. Their staff has expanded to include Steve Anderson, father, soap beveler and packaging expert; “Saint Sue” Trone in inventory and wholesale; Eric Anderson, brother and natural resources expert; Nathan Miller, Katy’s husband, IT guru, and product tester; and Sadie Miller, daughter, soap boss, and the inspiration behind Sadie’s Stain Stick.

They also expanded into men’s skincare and candles. During the beginning of the pandemic, Lillie + Pine launched a line of scented and natural hand sanitizers. This was a great business pivot and resource for their customers. I personally take a small bottle of their Tea Tree & Lavender hand sanitizer when I am hiking and away from restrooms!

But no matter how big this business grows or how many products they add, it still remains a family affair – a truly rare and beautiful business model in today’s world.

You Make Me Smile

Lillie + Pine releases holiday scents and products every year, and this Valentine’s Day is no exception. The newest line, “You Make Me Smile,” was curated to do just that. With hints of pink orchid, pear nectar, and sandalwood, these products will give you a luxurious scent that is light and floral. 

Lillie + Pine You Make Me Smile lineMy favorite product in this holiday line is the Bath Bomb heart. These are available in a single or double pack, and I love the shape and color of these. So festive!

The entire line includes:

  • Bath Bomb heart
  • Body Lotion
  • Sugar Scrub
  • Soy Candle
  • Heart-shaped Soap Lift

But how does one choose? 

Easy – you don’t! Purchase a gift set or make your own from the “You Make Me Smile” line. It’s a perfect gift for someone special (or just for yourself). And you get the comfort of knowing that all Lillie + Pine products, from their bar soap to their candles, are made with natural ingredients and packaged with care.

No matter who you are shopping for and no matter what the reason, there is a Lillie + Pine product for you.

You are not just buying a natural skincare product. You are buying from a mother-daughter, female-owned business with a lot of heart and expertise. Every product is handmade with love and shipped to you with a personalized touch from some of the sweetest people you will meet. I look forward to my next box of Lillie + Pine products and to contributing to this family business for many years.

The Military Mom Collective has been a huge fan and customer of Lillie + Pine!

We have been enjoying their lotions, soaps, and other products year after year. They are one of our sponsors for our upcoming Galentine’s Day Virtual Party. Their gorgeous and good-for-you products made the perfect addition to our gift boxes.

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For more information on Lillie + Pine, click any of the links above or here to learn even more about the business, their mission, and to keep up with all the new things happening at their studio. Find them on Facebook and Instagram as well!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are our own.