A Mom’s Guide to Fall Fashion 2017


I’ll be the first to admit it. I still love to play dress up. I promised myself after I weaned my second child that I would not be a mom who looked like a vampire in sweatpants (not that there is anything wrong with that!). For me, I knew I needed to try to look good and on point for MYSELF. I noticed that even putting on a pair of nice earrings made my day less blah.

I mean, I could play dress up all day long and take selfies of all my cute clothes if someone paid me to. I will get there one day.

In the meantime, I play dress up for me, for my sense of self, and for the pure joy of loving what I wear. Although most of my prized fashion possessions have yogurt and cream cheese smeared on some part of the garment, I like to think about fashion the same way I think about most things in life — the more I express myself, the better I feel; the more confident I stand; and the more connected to myself I am.

Yet, as much as I love to be what I wear, which is most of the time fabulous, I am a mom. I make lunches. I rush to get people off to school. I run to pick said little people up from school. And I make time for my work.

I work as a publicist, so most of the time my work entails a fashion-forward wardrobe. Some of the time, I stay in my yoga pants and hide from people behind my laptop, but for the sake of this post, let’s pick the things I wear out in the world.

I hope this helps inspire you to shine your look. And whether what you choose to wear is something simple or just for playing dress up, let’s be on trend.

Red plaid, just do it!

All red everything

This year’s fall color is RED. Whether you put on a bright red lipstick or buy a pair of red shoes to jazz up your mom jeans and white T-shirt look, RED is on point this season. Do it your way and know you are on trend. And not just red is trending but also 70s plaid red, so dig through your mom’s attic and find something comfy and plaid and boom — you are runway REDy.

Mod cloth is my favorite for some trend pieces on an under $100 budget. Find this shirt dress here.


Fur and glitter

I found these little glitter boots for $51 from ASOS.

I think the unicorn trend is translating from milkshakes to fall fashion. Glittery boots, yes, those exist, are on point this season. Also, glam up your yoga mom look by covering it with something furry. Combine the fur with some cute glitter boots, and even if you’re just running out for some coffee, you will feel glam. For me, I love a fun boot purchase each season that doesn’t break the bank but adds some pep in my step.


I like big belts and I do know why …

They cover my muffin top. Yep, big corset belts are in style. Buy one of these bad boys for $20, and cover your muffin top like no one’s business *and* be on trend. DOUBLE WIN!

Oh, and you can use these big belts with all trench jackets — I love this type of look.

Goodbye muffin top, hello runway model.

Buy your big belt at a local vintage store if you don’t want to buy one online. Or you can find these on Amazon for $7.  Pair it with anything in your closet, and you are a runway model in five seconds on a $5 budget.


Pony up for rodeo wear

I love this look from Zara.

After living in Texas for almost eight years, I acquired a lot of rodeo wear. I am happy for my fellow Texan mommas out there because Western wear is IN.

Yep, the rodeo look is on point this season. So pull out the boots, the cowhide print, the leather vests, and the cactus printed tees. It’s all about the West this season, so dust off those boots girl.

And at the end of the day, my best fashion advice is to wear what you want with confidence. If your thing is jeans and sneakers,  wear them with pride. I think so many people love what I wear because I love what I wear.


Guest Blogger: Emily Reynolds is a single, working mom. Although she’s no longer with her military husband, she will always consider herself a military mom. She travels from San Antonio to Austin to Nashville on a monthly basis juggling her company, R Public Relations, and her two peaches, Lilah (9) and Charlie (6). She loves happy hour, spin class, and to dress with style and grace. You can contact her at [email protected].