Fall Refresh – 3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the New Season

fall decor outside of a front door and porch

It may not be autumn officially but, dare I say it? FALL HAS ARRIVED!

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The temps are cooler, and the leaves are falling. This means it’s time to do a Fall Refresh on our home!

Prepping my home for fall is never an easy task; much like spring cleaning, I tend to dread it just a bit But I’m here to share a few easy ways to not feel overwhelmed as you complete your Fall Refresh:

  • Section off a cleaning schedule:

I know I am guilty of this but I try to clean my entire house in one day (OK, like four hours), and it never ends well for anyone involved. I’ve learned to section off days for certain areas of my home. For example, on Monday I will focus on changing sheets, completing one load of laundry, and dusting. On Tuesday, I will focus on x,y,z…you see how it works. It has helped me in not feeling overwhelmed and gives me an opportunity to stay on top of deep cleans when they need to happen. 

If you’re looking for an even deeper fall clean, try Go Clean Co’s Fall Cleaning Challenge.It’s a FREE download that breaks your house into sections and provides tips for getting that deep clean we all need.

  • Use the opportunity to purge:

This has come in handy in our previous duty station because I often had to pack/unpack my closet for every season due to lack of closet space. I took this as an opportunity to purge any items from our wardrobe. Holding on to those jeans that haven’t fit in years? Purge. Dragging that rusty old bike that your kids outgrew years ago to every duty station? Purse. I have to admit that everything looks so clean and tidy when it’s all said and done.

I also take the opportunity to get my children involved. I allow them to choose what they want to donate and in turn, it enables them to recognize we are giving these items to those in need. Check out this article on local Freecycles for places to donate and swap!

  • Light that candle or essential oil:
fall scented candles lit on a table with leaves
Photo by Storiès on Unsplash

These warm and cozy fragrances can put any house in the fall season. Even if you are not quite embracing traditional fall scents yet, a good clean, inviting smell is always a mood lifter. I have a tendency to put some form of fragrance, essential oil, wall plugin, or candle in every room. The cleanness of a scent can make such a difference! 

I hope these 3 steps can help you in some way as we transition to fall. Leave a comment and let us know – how do you transition to the fall season? Do you do your own version of a Fall Refresh?

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