Five Organizing Tips for the New Year

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As the holidays come to a close and we look ahead to the new year, I am taking advantage of my indoor time to make my house more livable. Are you also using the colder winter months to prep for an upcoming PCS season or just trying to get ahead of the clutter?

Whatever your reason, here are five tips to motivate you from April Felkins, Owner and Professional Organizer at First Coast Organizing, and Lead Professional Organizer, Mandy Howard.

1. Repurpose: Reusing and repurposing items for storage is a cost-effective way to use what you already have while giving them a new life and function. Think outside the box by covering shoe boxes in pretty paper to store your toiletries, medicines, or photos. Repurpose that old diaper caddy to hold your child’s arts and crafts supplies. Reimagining what you already have saves you time and money. 

2. Decanter: By removing the packaging of your purchased items, you can make spaces like pantries and bathroom cabinets look less cluttered. Start by measuring your shelves and finding bins that match your style and space to store your unpackaged items. I find this particularly useful in my pantry where I keep our snacks and non-perishables purchased at bulk stores. 

3. Maximize space: How many times have you found yourself in a less than ideal housing situation, especially when it’s a temporary move? Maximizing your space with things you can reuse in your next home is a great way to simplify your life. Lazy Susans are a good option, especially in the kitchen where you can easily store cooking oils, nut butters, and condiments. In the bedroom and closets, look for over-the-door storage to make the most of your space. Mounted spice racks can help keep track of your less often used items that get pushed in the back of the cabinet. 

4. Purge: Assessing what you regularly use is the best way to start organizing your home. You should do this often but especially before and after a move. Maybe you’re like me, and your cookbooks are collecting more dust than they’re being used. Free up that shelf and donate or sell them to a local used book store. Purging is also essential when it comes to children’s items like toys and clothes that they’ve outgrown. 

5. Organize: Remember, you need to organize for the space you have, not the stuff you have. If your things won’t fit in your space, it’s time to re-evaluate what your have in your space, especially if you’re no longer using items. Pinterest-worthy spaces are nice, but everyone has their own budget and style. Create a system that works for you and your family!